Merry Christmas!

Sorry for not having updated in a few days. I have been working on a new/old section of the site, and have been rushing to get all of the content-based projects done before Christmas Break ends. Otherwise, I will not have time for the rest of the school year until summer. I’m sure you would all rather have me working on content rather than news at this point, especially since this two-week period will be the only time I will have the opportunity to do so. Anyways, tomorrow I will try to put some news up, but it is not guaranteed, since this project is taking me forever to finish (it involves a HUGE amount of organizing, renaming, Photoshopping, coding, and Tylenol), but I will try my best. It’s nothing particularly new, but it will be an old addition to the site.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas tomorrow! Don’t forget that you should appreciate the time you spend with your family, as you never know how long you will be with them. Cherish the times, be safe, and have a fun time in the process! Also, if you get a Wii, don’t kill anyone (or anything) with the remote or shoot it through your plasma!