The fall banner above is done by Cascade_Gon_Pory. If you cannot see the Mitsuhoney, including the fall background, clear your cache and / or history.

New Episodes – [“Spontaneous Combusken!”] and [“Cutting the Ties That Bind”] are now up for temporary viewing. Enjoy!

EX Power Keepers – I talked to the Pokemon press release guy via e-mail the other day, and he said we will not find out more information about EX Power Keepers until November 27th. So, mark your calendars [or just don’t and check here all the time ;)]!

New Pokemon Battle Revolution Video – With more action than the previous videos, including new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon never before seen in a preview for the game! You can view the video by clicking here.

Pokemon Card Game: DP – I have added Unown A (Analyze) and Unown B (Bounce) to the [Pokemon Card Game: Diamond and Pearl] page.