News sure is slow this week.

E-Card Set Scans Up – [Expedition], [Aquapolis], and [Skyridge] now have their scans up. Just me formatting these scans for the internet took hours and hours – I do not even want to imagine how long Shakespeare spent editing every single scan individually. So then… does everyone know what this means, now that we have the e-card set scans up? It means that we now have the majority of scans for each main set! Of course, we still plan on replacing those old, pre-release scans of the EX sets, as well as getting the scans of the promos and reprint sets up, so we will be doing so within the next few days so that we may have the most complete database of Pokemon Trading Card Game scans anywhere on the internet. Once the scans are out of the way, we will begin to work on other projects as well, both TCG related and not, so stay tuned to PokeBeach!