EDIT: Pokemon Ranger pre-order info.

Pokemon DP TCG Video – The official Japanese Pokemon card website has been updated with a new video advertising the [Pokemon Card Game: Diamond and Pearl] entry packs. Click play below to view. So far, from what my eyes can tell from the poor video quality, there will be: Pachirisu, Korinku’s whole line, Cherrynbo, Cherimu, Lucario, Perap, Beappa, and Energy Restore. As I suspected before, the holos in the set have changed, looking similar to the Delta Species holos.

[Video No Longer Available]

Pokemon Ranger Pre-OrderPokemonCenter.com is offering several Pokemon Ranger pre-order packages. To buy just the game, you can pre-order from this page. The game by itself sells for $34.95 and you also receive two free pins for pre-ordering from the Pokemon Center. The game will be released October 30th.