EDIT: After talking to loadingNOW for a while, who made the mini-sprites we have, it seems as if obtaining the larger sprites won’t be easy. The sprites have been encrypted into the game in a weird manner, causing the coding of the sprites to be completely mixed up and hard to decode. In other words, ripping the sprites out of the game will be nearly impossible for now. Therefore, we are going to have to use photos of actual DS play to see the images, unless someone can figure out how to decode the jumbled coding of the sprites.

Diamond and Pearl Names Added – It’s not Porygon3, it’s not Porygon0.5, it’s PorygonZ! It’s not Vineon or Ivyeon, it’s Leafia! It’s not Iceon, but Glacia! Thanks to Bangiras, we now exclusively have most of the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon’s names! To view the full list, you can [click here]. Interesting things to note: there appears to be a new Regi, Regigigas; the most powerful Pokemon to ever hit a Pokemon game, Aruseus, has an ability called Multi Type, which could mean it changes types or something – it seems like a god Pokemon with its stats. Most of the legendaries are also named now as well. Check it out!

Diamond and Pearl Attack List – Thanks to Bangiras for creating this list and Holy Star for HTMLizing it, we now have a huge Diamond and Pearl [attack list] as well! It details all of the attacks in the game (many of which we do not know the names of yet), as well as their elemental types, which classification of attack they are, and so much more!

Last Week’s Episode – In all of the Diamond and Pearl craziness, I forgot to put up last week’s episode, [May’s Egg-Cellent Adventure]. Enjoy! I will have tomorrow’s new episode up tomorrow, since I will be home all day making up homework.

Mew by Ken SugimoriMew Mew Mew! – Tomorrow is the Mew giveaway at Toys R Us! Since the event is apart of “Geoffrey’s Birthday Party,” which will be taking place at every Toys R Us store, the Mew download should be available for everyone at any Toys R Us in the gaming department of the store. The best advice is to call your nearest Toys R Us’ gaming department ahead of time to double check, since you never know what could happen. The event will take place from noon to 3:00 PM as well. Remember, you will need to trade one of your own Pokemon to get Mew, so you better bring a Pidgey, Zigzagoon, or Zubat to sacrifice for it. You will also need a Gameboy Advance, GBA SP, or GBA Micro, as well as a Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen game cartridge to get Mew. For more details on the event, click here!

Thanks to LadyWolf, we also know that Mew will only come with the moves Pound and Transform, not the moves we originally reported. Click the thumbnails below for pictures of the games Toys R Us employees will actually have (I have no idea how she got these images – she must know someone who works at Toys R Us)! It seems as if they will have boxes and boxes of Mew to give away from their Gameboys, so if there is not a long line, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a couple of Modest Natured Mew. ;)