Sorry for not updating yesterday. I fell asleep when I came home from school and then woke up way too late to update the site – I had to do my homework. Also, I had an unusual craving to watch The Empire Strikes Back, so I wasted all my time. :p

Mystery Dungeon SpecialSeason 9 and Mysterious Dungeon TODAY – And all this time I thought they were Saturday, but they are actually today! Mystery Dungeon airs at 8:00 PM, while the first Battle Frontier episode, Fear Factor Phony, airs at 8:30 PM. They air on Cartoon Network, of course. Don’t have Cartoon Network? Well guess what?! We’ll put up the episodes here at least 30 mins after they air, since I will be at home, will be recording them, and will have the ability to upload them immediately. How will I put them up? Using a torrent file! Basically, you need to download a Bittorent program, such as BitTornado, and then you download the torrent file when the file is ready, which will link you to other people’s computers to download the videos. Don’t understand what I am talking about? Then just follow the instructions below!

So that you are ready for later today, here is your homework.

1. Download Bittorando.
2. Install Bittorando by opening up the downloaded file. Once installation is done, wait for me to put up the first torrent file, which will be of the Mystery Dungeon special. It should be up around 8:40 – 8:55 PM (PST).

No late work accepted.

When the torrent file is made available here today, there will be additional instructions on how to download the videos. For now, just install the Bittornado program so that you can get the episodes when they become available.

ElekibleDiamond / Pearl Anime News – The final preview of the last Advanced Generation episode aired recently in Japan. As with all episodes in Japan, at the end there is a preview of the next episode, to which we have taken screenshots of. The first set of screenshots are a preview of the final AG episode, while the second set is a preview of the Diamond and Pearl season’s first episode. From the previews, it seems as if Gary will have an Elekible in the last AG episode, while in the first D/P episode, Hikari will choose Pocchama as her starter. To view the screenshots, click here (the monkey is a super saiyan). During the last AG episode preview, Ash also gave a narration, to which Bangiras has translated below.

We’ve been traveling together for so long, but now it’s finally time for us to separate. May, Max, Brock, even though our paths are different, we’ll always be friends–and rivals! Pokemon battles never end! Next time on Pocket Monsters Advance Generation: “The End of a Journey and The Beginning of a Journey!” Everyone GET Pokemon!

Furthermore, three new titles were revealed for Diamond and Pearl’s season, which gives us the name of one Pokemon, Subomi. In Japanese, “subomu” means “folded up,” so perhaps this name refers to the cat Pokemon revealed the other day, which seemed to be a spring-like-folded-up-cat-thing. Just a theory, and nothing more.

Ep 2: Find Pikachu! Route 202!
Ep 3: Rival Battle! Three vs. Three!
Ep 4: Pocchama vs. Subomi! Hikari’s First Battle!

New Card Review – Today’s INVALID CARD SHORTCODE features a Pokemon that uses boulders as protection when a storm is coming. What is this Pokemon? Why it’s [Swampert ex from EX Crystal Guardians]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.