Sad day in history… However, we have an extremely large update today, probably one of the largest in a long time. We have Diamond and Pearl games / Anime news, TCG news and updates, and English Anime news.

So Many New Pokemon and So Much Info! – You saw this here first (and if you did not you are late)! Click the scans below to see the new Pokemon. Bangiras has translated every piece of information from the scans below, which you can view below the pictures. Enjoy, and thanks Bangiras for all her hard work in translating all of this information!


To identify the Pokemon listed below, look at the first two scans, and look at the Pokemon from left to right, from up to down.

  • Corobohshi (the bug guy) – the Cricket Pokemon. Type: Bug. Ability: Shed Skin. It can learn Growl.
  • Korinku (the blue, yellow, and black cat-thing) – the Flash Pokemon. Type: Electric. It has two abilities, Intimidate and Fighting Spirit. Fighting Spirit increases its Attack power when something (not sure what – perhaps Ability?) is shared with the opponent. It can learn Spark.
  • Subomi (green and yellow guy): the Bud Pokemon. Types: Grass/Poison. Abilities: Natural Cure or Poison Point. Evolves into: Roselia. It can learn Mega Drain.
  • Mukkuru (the brown bird): the Starling Pokemon. Types: Normal/Flying. Ability: Keen Eyes. It can learn an attack called Brave Bird, which is a strong Flying type attack. It is a 1HKO move.
  • Beappa (the beaver): the Round Mouse Pokemon. Type: Normal. Ability: Unknown, but it is new. It can learn Tackle.
  • Pinpuku (Chansey pre-evo): the Pretending Pokemon. Type: Normal. Abilities: Natural Cure and Serene Grace. It likes to “play house.” o_O It can learn Charm.
  • Zugaidos (the pachycephalosaur): the Headbutt Pokemon. Type: Rock. Ability: Fantastic, which apparently blocks the opponent’s ability. He learns Take Down and a new attack called Double Edged Headbutt, which is a rock-type version of Double Edge.
  • Tatetops (the yellow dinosaur): the Shield Pokemon. Types: Rock / Metal. Ability: Sturdy. It can learn Ancient Power and Metal Buster, which is a massively damaging Steel attack.
  • Masukippa: the Flytrap Pokemon. Type: Grass. Ability: Levitate. It can learn Vine Whip.
  • Minomucchi (the pineco-looking thing): the Bagworm Pokemon. Type: Bug. Ability: Shed Skin. He is most likely the pre-evolution to Pineco. He can learn Protect.
  • Dialga (the blue Diamond legendary) is Steel / Dragon.
  • Palkia (the pink Pearl legendary) is Water / Dragon.
  • The new Poke Balls in the scans are Heal Ball, which heals a Pokemon when it’s caught, and Dark Ball, which has a high catch rate in darker areas.
  • One of the members of Team Galaxy (which could possibly be “Astro” when the name is adapted in America) is named Mars (the woman in the fourth picture).
  • The Kurogane City Gym Leader is named Hyouta, and he gives out the Coal Badge (the guy in the fourth picture).
  • In the Union Room, you can trade, swap records, chat, have a quick battle with two level 30 Pokemon, or draw a picture on the oekaki (image) board with four other people.
  • Over a DS-DS wireless connection, you can use the Union Room, play minigames together, compete in Super Contests, battle in a Battle Tower multi battle.
  • Over Wi-Fi, you can use the Pokemon Wi-Fi Club (Wi-Fi version of Union Room), use the Global Trade Station, use the Battle Tower, trade, voice chat, or do a level 30 battle.

Diamond and Pearl Anime Clues – Looking at the below image (click for a larger scan), it would appear as if Ash will be choosing Naetle for his journey through Shinou. It also looks as if there will be a new rival, who has chosen Hikorazu. And it’s also important to note that May, Max, Brock, and Misty are no where to be found on the image. Perhaps Ash will travel with two new characters?


POP 4 Scans – Thanks to Benlugia, we now have most of the POP 4 scans! Click the links below to view them. Each link opens in a new window.

  • [2/17 Deoxys d]
  • [6/17 Combusken]
    Deoxys by Ken Sugimori
  • [8/10 Heal Energy]
  • [9/10 Pokemon Fan Club]
  • [10/17 Scramble Energy]
  • [11/17 Mudkip]
  • [12/17 Pidgey]
  • [13/17 Pikachu]
  • [14/17 Squirtle]
  • [15/17 Treecko d]
  • [16/17 Wobbuffet]
  • [17/17 Deoxys ex]

Promo #34 – Typhlosion – Benlugia has also scanned promo #34, Typhlosion, which is a reprint of the EX Unseen Forces card, but with different art. It is available in the Value Pack 2, which sadly comes with an EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua, EX Hidden Legends, and EX Team Rocket Returns booster pack (all of which have been rotated out of the modified format). The kits go for around $9.00.

Typhlosion, Promo #34

Preview of “Chip Off the Old Brock” – Click the link to the preview below to play the video clip. Is it just me or does Brock sound almost exactly like the old Brock? He is getting so close to the original voice actor that it’s weird. This episode airs on Saturday at 9:30.

[Preview of “Chip Off the Old Brock”]

New Card Review – Today’s INVALID CARD SHORTCODE features a Trainer card that stops a Pokemon from attacking. What is this card? Why it’s [Holon Circle from EX Crystal Guardians]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.