Tajiri B-Day, Theme Deck Lists

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Satoshi TajiriSatoshi Tajiri’s Birthday – Today, August 28th, marks the creator of Pokemon’s birthday! He turns 41 today, and is the reason why we are all here right now – in fact, if it were not for him, some people’s lives would be totally different! Happy Birthday Mr. Tajiri, and thank you for making the Pokemon games that have brought us all together!

EX Crystal Guardians Theme Deck Lists – Thanks to Alchemist_Almighty, we now have all three EX Crystal Guardians theme deck lists! Apparently, his Wal-Mart was selling all three of them, which means that right now, the only way to get the Earth Shower theme deck is to buy it at Wal-Mart (although I doubt very many have any). You can view all three of the deck lists, including their pictures, by visiting our [Theme Deck Lists] section.