EDIT #10: Oh, by the way, the chat room is fixed!

New Pokemon SpriteEDIT #9: Buoysel is #56 in the Shino PokeDex.

EDIT #8: Added more pictures to the Diamond and Pearl picture page.

EDIT #7: Thanks to Bangiras for the following info:

  • Lucario knows an attack called “Boxing.”
  • Weavile knows an attack called “Shadow Claw.”
  • Buoysel knows “Swift.”
  • Tamanta knows “Water Pulse.”

EDIT #4: New Diamond and Pearl screenshots can be found on this page. EDIT #5: Added the Shino map to the page! EDIT #6: More screenshots added!

EDIT #3: And here it is! (on the right)

EDIT #2: It appears to be an Electabuzz evolution (if it’s not, then I will be extremely surprised)! I will post the picture in a few minutes!

EDIT #1: We have some D/P screenshots coming, too! Check back in a while!

You saw this here first! A silhouette of a Diamond and Pearl Pokemon from the official Japanese Yahoo site! It looks like an alien or bug-type Pokemon.

New Pokemon