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EX Legend MakerLarger EX Legend Maker Images
Whoops, forgot to post about these images the other day. I have obtained larger images of the EX Legend Maker booster box and theme deck box, as well as a “Coming Soon” picture of Mew that shows off the Mew artwork of the set. You can see the pictures by clicking the links below.

[EX Legend Maker Booster Box]
[EX Legend Maker Theme Deck Box]
[Coming Soon!]

Veronica TaylorVeronica Taylor’s Reply
As I posted the other day, my friend PokemonTrainerLisa e-mailed Veronica Taylor (Ash/May’s voice actor) regarding 4Kids and the rumors that they were losing the dubbing rights to Pokemon. Taylor has now given permission for her e-mails to be posted publicly:

Thanks for your email. We actually don’t know yet what will be happening with the show for next season. We are waiting to hear if Pokemon USA will resign contracts with 4Kids. If they choose to go elsewhere the voices will most likely change as we are under contract with 4Kids and not Pokemon USA. Everyone involved with the show would be extremely upset if this should happen. We are hoping that it will all be resolved soon.
We’ll see…..
Wishing you all the best and Happy New Year!


Feel free to share the info. Who knows, maybe the fans’ input could even sway Pokemon USA to resign! As of now, we have no news.
All the best,

So it would now seem as if the possibility of 4Kids losing Pokemon is real. We can only hope that if 4Kids loses the Anime, another dubbing company will pick it up and we will keep the same voice actors.

Corphish and Grovyle attack the RegisMew and the Wave Guiding Hero OST
I totally forgot about offering the music for download! Today’s song is titled “Retaliate!!!” and plays when Ash and friends are running away from Regirock and Registeel, while having Corphish and Grovyle attack the two to hold them off. Now that I have seen the movie, I can tell you exactly when a certain song plays in the movie. :p

(2:32) – (5.81 MBs)

The Forums
Wow, the forums are actually getting posts – more so that I expected. I’m actually visiting my own forum more than other forums I used to go to all the time, which sure is something. We have some great discussions going on and a great community so far, so be sure to sign up and to join in the discussion! I have made it so that when you register, you are instantly a member, and do not have to do any of that “activate your account through e-mail” junk. We will also be assigning mods soon, which will be handpicked based on how active they are and the quality and content of their posts, as well as how much they contribute to the site. You can sign up for the PokeBeach Forums by [clicking here].