EX Delta SpeciesEDIT #3: Oh, forgot to mention. There is one ex per box, and one shining per three boxes. The scans will be sent to me in an hour, but I will already be gone for my pre-release, so I’ll just get up all the scans tonight when I come back home.

EDIT #2: The set list is now up! There are a couple of intentional errors in it so that I will be able to know if someone copies the list, so steal and die! :p The EX Delta Species list can be found by [clicking here]. More scans will be up tomorrow (high quality ones, of course, and they will possibly be up in the morning, though the chances of this happening are about 40%), so be sure to check back tomorrow morning, Pacific time, and tomorrow night!

EDIT #1: Here are 21 scans. Since they are kind of small, they will not be included on the scans page, since I will most likely be able to get them scanned in high-quality tomorrow. The set list will be coming in about 45 minutes, and remember, tomorrow we will have a ton (yes, 2000 pounds) of scans (read the previous news story).

[Holon’s Magneton]

[Ditto (as Pikachu)]
[Ditto (as Pikachu)]
[Ditto (as Charmander)]
[Ditto (as Charmander)]
[Ditto (as Bulbasaur)]
[Ditto (as Squirtle)]
[Ditto (as Mr. Mime)]
[Ditto (as Geodude)]

[Holon Farmer]
[Holon Lass]
[Holon Researcher]
[Holon Ruins]

[Flareon ex]
[Jolteon ex]
[Vaporeon ex]