Sunday – November 7th, 2004

     .::  Sunday – November 7th, 2004
School has been keeping me busy again, sorry for not updating. Today we have lots of news and some updates.

City Championship (CC) Info and Promo
The City Championships are returning again, and we have all the info you need on them. First of all, the City Championship promo card will be the EX Hidden Legends Machop, as seen to the right. Secondly, the CC’s will be running from December to January and there are a handful of locations in each state. This time around, there are more CC’s than ever, so it will be almost impossible to not be able to make one (there are 10 in California just alone, and many in other states). Remember, this time, all City Championships will be absolutely free, which is definitely a plus. For more information on City Championships, including prizes and what CC’s are all about, you can visit the FAQ of them at the Pokemon TCG Organized Play website by [clicking here]. To find a City Championship in your area, you can visit the CC locator by [clicking here].

New Japanese Promos
Four new Japanese promo cards have been released. The four promos include Speed Deoxys, Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon. It is not known to how these promos will become available in Japan or when they will released in America, but when that info is known, you can be sure you will find it here first. The promos can be seen below (click the thumbnail for a larger image).

New Online PokeDex has been updated with a brand new flash-based PokeDex. In the PokeDex, you can find much more info on Pokemon than what the old PokeDex displayed. The PokeDex also includes Deoxys and Jirachi now, so you can check them out as well. To launch the PokeDex, you can [click here].

Cartoon Network Stops Airing Pokemon
Cartoon Network has discontinued playing their Pokemon episodes. This could be due to several reasons, but the most likely reason to why this happened was because its ratings were so popular that Kids’ WB wanted exclusive rights to air it, which is why they now show two episodes of it during the weekdays. It is not known to if Cartoon Network will be getting the episodes ever again, but until then, you can now only watch Pokemon on Kids’ WB (or through your VCR, DVD Player, or computer)

More EX Team Rocket Returns Scans and Theme Deck Lists
We have added a few more EX Team Rocket Returns scans, thanks to Roarkiller. To view them, you can [click here]. We have also added the theme deck lists of the set, thanks to $teven and Daddiursa from the PokeGym, which you can view by visiting our [theme deck page].

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