Wednesday – September 1st, 2004

     .::  Wednesday – September 1st, 2004
Neo Revelation Scans Up
The Neo Revelation scans are now up! To view them, as well as the card list, you can [click here].

New Header
The Deoxys header was getting kind of old, so I decided to change it. The new one now fits the theme of the site (waves at a beach, not a starry sky), so I think it will look a bit cooler. The background is a photograph from real life that I took at the beach today (cropped, of course), and the Blastoise and Squirtle are from the original banner on the old site. I hope you enjoy it! The Deoxys header will be put back on the site for a few weeks when the Deoxys movie comes out in America.

Important Info on Scans
I have been receiving multiple daily e-mails from people asking to use PokeBeach’s scans on their website. To save some people time from writing an email, the answer I tell everyone is basically a “No.” (not that flat out, of course) I do not wish to be mean or rude to anyone when telling them that, but the high quality scans are what makes this site unique. If the scans were allowed to be used at other sites, this site would lose its uniqueness since other people would have what is the primary content of this site on theirs. So, I am sorry to say this, but PokeBeach’s scans are not allowed to be used on any other website. There are no exceptions.

Also, another note. This has happened three already within the past few weeks, and it sickens me. People have stolen the scans off this website (entire sets at a time), and have covered the PokeBeach watermark that are on each of the cards with their own logo, as well as claiming ownership to them. Thanks to people who visit this website, I was notified of these thieveries and was able to have the people remove the scans from their sites. So, if any one sees scans from this website on another one, even if the person with the scans says on their site that they got permission from me, please notify me by going to the “Comments and Questions” page. Hopefully, no one else will steal from this site ever again with people on the lookout.

Oh boy, school starts tomorrow for me. :( For everyone else starting school or that has already started school, good luck in the school year, do your homework, and study for all your tests! Have a nice school year and stay out of trouble! :)

       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]