Thursday – September 9th, 2004

     .::  Thursday – September 9th, 2004
Quiz Answers and New Episodes
My laptop still hasn’t come back yet, so I really cannot update too many things, such as this week’s new episodes or the polls in the right menu. I might as well tell you the answers to the quizzes from last week, as well as this week’s new episodes in this update.

For the TCG quiz, the card that had the error in EX FireRed and LeafGreen was Drowzee, as well as Hypno. On Drowzee, the card is spelled as “Drowsee,” which is wrong. Also on Hypno where it says it evolves from Drowzee, it also has the spelling error. For the Anime quiz, the answer is that Ho-oh used the powers of nature as well as its own powers to reincarnate Suicune, Entei, and Raikou as the north wind, volcano, and thunder.

For new episodes this week, Kids’ WB is showing two on Saturday! At 9 AM, a new episode will run called “What You Seed is What You Get,” which stars Ash’s Treecko. Then right after, “Love at First Flight” will air, starring Volbeat and Illumise. Be sure to catch both of these episodes! Next week, two new episodes will air as well, and the second new episode will involve an old friend returning to Ash and crew for two episodes. Then, the following week, the second part of the two-parter episode will air (as the first new episode on Saturday) and will involve one of the old friend’s Pokemon evolving and then leaving forever. If you are an old Pokemon Anime fan and haven’t watched any new episodes in a while, you definitely do not want to miss the new episodes next Saturday and the Saturday after that, or you will miss out on what happens! Both episodes will be unforgettable, so even if you don’t watch the Anime anymore, you should still check them out.

Deck Fixes Now Being Accepted
Just incase you haven’t noticed, we are now accepting decks to be sent in to be fixed by our deck mechanics! To send in your deck, [click here].

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