Monday – July 19th, 2004

     .::  Monday – July 19th, 2004
I spent all day working on the card pages and have finished and uploaded all of them. Of course, none of the scans have been uploaded yet, since I have to change the watermark on them to “” As you can see, all of the card pages have the full lists of all the cards in the specific sets. Next to them, you will notice a red “x,” which means that scans are not available yet for that set, but will be soon. When a red “x” changes to a green check-mark (as seen in the Key Guide section of the left menu), the scans will have been uploaded and will be available for everyone to view. Hopefully, we will be seeing a few green check-marks tomorrow.

Anyways, tomorrow, I am hoping to fix the theme deck page and to fix the watermarks on the card scans and then upload them. Be sure to check back tomorrow for an update on everything!

       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]