Neo Genesis Scans Up, New Card of the Week

Neo Genesis Scans Up, New Card of the Week
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Tuesday – June 15th, 2004

Sorry for not updating yesterday. The web host was having some server problems, so I could not login to update the site. However, the problem was fixed a few hours ago, so I can now do tonight’s update.

»Neo Genesis Scans Up: I have uploaded all of the Neo Genesis scans. To view the complete set list and all of the scans, you can [click here].

»New COTW: Swanton1717 has done this week’s Card of the Week. What does he do his Card of the Week on? Well, it is a Gold and Silver Pokemon than is an extended evolution to a Red and Blue Pokemon, and it is in EX Hidden Legends. What is the card? To find out who it is and what Swanton thinks about it, you can visit our Card of the Week section by [clicking here].

»Plans: Today, Shakespeare sent me all of Expedition. I have just finished downloading the scans, and should start on the set within the next two weeks. Tomorrow I will start to work on Neo Discovery, and I may be able to get them up by Thursday or Friday. Tomorrow, I will mainly be working on the HTML coding of this site to get everything compatible with other web browsers.