More Scans A Comin’!

More Scans A Comin’!
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Friday – June 4th, 2004

Once again, there is no news in the Pokemon World today. Shakespeare sent me all of Neo Destiny today, completing all of the Neo sets. When summer starts for me (June 10th), I will begin to edit and upload all of the sets. However for now, I have to go study for Spanish finals tomorrow, so bye!

Oh yeah, one more thing! Hedgefoxidna from the PokeGym has promised to send me in some EX Hidden Legends scans on Saturday after he attends a pre-release. That makes three sources that will be sending in scans for PokeBeach. Anyways, be sure to check back here on Saturday when I upload the list and scans that I currently have, and then on Sunday for some more scans from the three sources, and then Monday for scans from the pre-release I go to. We will be your ultimate EX Hidden Legends resource on the internet, so be sure to keep checking back here!

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