State Championship Promo, Site Updates

State Championship Promo, Site Updates
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Monday – April 5th, 2004

»State Championship Promo: We now know that the State Championship promo is the hidden card, Charmeleon, from EX Dragon. As with the City Championship promo, Charmander, the card art has a logo on the bottom right hand corner of the card art, which says State Championships. To see an auction on E-bay of the promo that contains a scan of the card, [click here].

»Aquapolis Top 10: Today SuperWooper is continuing his chain of articles for the top 10 cards of each set in the Modified format and has now taken a look at Aquapolis. Which cards should be in your deck from this set? Visit the Featured Articles section by [clicking here] to read the article.

»Second Card of the Week: We have decided to put up two Card of the Weeks (COTW) every week for now on. To make this week have two COTW’s, today SuperWooper is reviewing Sandstorm Espeon. To read on what he thinks about the card, you can visit the Card of the Week section by [clicking here].

»New Deck Fix: We have a brand new deck fix today from a Kingdra ex deck, fixed by SuperWooper. To see the deck fix, you can visit the deck garage by [clicking here].