Lots and Lots of News and Anime Spoilers!

Lots and Lots of News and Anime Spoilers!
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Friday – April 2nd, 2004

»Flight of the Legends Scans: The official Japanese Pokemon TCG site has put up a few scans of the next Pokemon TCG Japanese set, Flight of the Legends, as seen to the right. To see a larger version of the cards, click the thumbnail. As we reported earlier, the set will be released on April 9th in Japan and will be based on the FR/LG Pokemon, a.k.a. the original Red and Blue Pokemon.

»Brand New Pokemon Advanced Intro in Japan – MAJOR SPOILERS: In Japan, a new introduction has been created for new Advanced Generation episodes. The introduction reveals that Taillow has evolved into Swellow, Torchic has evolved into Combusken, and that Bulbasaur has come back to Ash. The introduction also shows that Ash has a Torkoal, May has a Skitty, Treeko has evolved into Grovyle, and that Lotad has evolved into Lombre, which had already happened in previous episodes before this intro was released. You can see many pictures of the introduction by clicking the image on the right, which will open a new page with 21 screenshots taken from the introduction. Thanks to Mrs. Virtual Reality from the PokeMasters forums for providing us with the video clip.

»Pokemon Episodes on GBA Update: As we reported the other day, Nintendo would be releasing Pokemon episodes on GBA. We now know that there will be two episodes on each cartridge, equivalent to 90 minutes of video play. Nintendo also stated that some of the cartridges would have a combination of video and game play. According to Nintendo Power, there will be two sets released by the end of the year. The first set will have the episodes For Ho-oh the Bells Toll and A Hot Water Battle while the second set will contain A Johto Photo Finish and Playing with Fire. Also according to Nintendo Power, once the first two sets are released, the episodes will be released on a regular basis.

»Pokemon Advanced DVDs: Amazon.com has put up two DVDs for Pokemon Advanced. All though there are no details on to what episodes of Pokemon Advanced they contain, we do know they will be released on July 20th and will cost $10.49. More details will be here as the information comes out.

»The Biggest April Fools Joke: You know how I said the other day on how to not do anything too rash on April Fools day? Well, two Pokemon websites, named Pokemon Zeo and Pojo posted fake articles stating that the Pokemon TCG was over and that Nintendo would not be making anymore cards. Of course, this was not true and was simply an April Fool’s joke, but Pokemon.com and Pokemon-tcg.com posted that it was all a hoax! I guess Nintendo really does visit unofficial Pokemon sites. (Hi Nintendo!) To read what Pokemon.com had to say about the little April Fool’s joke, [click here]. (Thanks to CrystalMew from TPM for providing the correct spelling of April Fools)

»Release Dates Updated: The release dates in the right menu have been updated. You can find out when Fire Red and Leaf Green will come out in the United States, Jirachi Wishmaker on VHS and DVD, the Deoxys movie, and the Pokemon episodes for GBA. To find the release dates, scroll down to the last section of the right menu.

»News Archive Updated: The March news archive is now up. To view it, click News Archive in the left menu and select March, 2004.