EX R/S Scans Up, Site Updates, TCG and Anime News

EX R/S Scans Up, Site Updates, TCG and Anime News
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Saturday – April 10th, 2004

»Gym Challenge Tournaments: The official Pokemon TCG site has been updated with information on a new type of upcoming tournament, called Gym Challenges. Gym Challenges are modified tournaments in which can cost up to $10 to enter. Winners in each age category at each location will receive an invitation to Worlds in August as well as a free trip. To check out locations and more information, including prizes, you can visit the Pokemon TCG Organized Play website by [clicking here].

»William Hung – Pokemon TCG Player: Pokemon.com has been updated with an article on American Idol singer, William Hung. He recently released an album with a DVD that revealed he was a Pokemon TCG player. He also attended a City Championship tournament in San Diego, California. What got me excited about the DVD that came with his album was that the cameras showed him visiting the Team Magma/Aqua scans section of this site! That is so cool. Anyways, to read the article on him, [click here].

»More Info on Jirachi Wishmaker: We now have some information on the Jirachi Wishmaker movie that will be released on VHS and DVD June 1st. First of all, we know the mini-movie that will be included with the DVD will be named Gotta Dance. Secondly, the DVD will include a special message from Mr. Yuyuma, the director of the movie. Other features will include a Pokemon gallery, Jirachi Wish Maker original art, and a music video for the song Make a Wish that will be in the movie. Thanks to PokeSchool for this info.

»EX R/S Scans Up!: Well, after one long day of scanning, I have gotten the EX Ruby and Sapphire scans section up. To access it, you can [click here]. Now, just 15 more sets to scan……Oh joy!

»First Card of the Week: Our first Card of the Week this week is Flygon from EX Dragon, written by Registeel. What does Registeel think about the card? Should you base a deck around it? To read the article, you can visit the Card of the Week section by [clicking here].

»EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua Top 10 SuperWooper is finishing up the top 10 cards for the Modified format with EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua today. To read the article, you can access the Featured Articles section by [clicking here]. Tomorrow we will have the top 10 overall cards in the Modified format.