Eon Ticket – Summer Tour

Eon Ticket – Summer Tour
By: Water Pokémon Master — Thursday – July 17th, 2003

For those of you who don’t know what the Eon Ticket is, it allows you to go to the mysterious Southern Island in Ruby or Sapphire to capture Latios (Sapphire) and Latias (Ruby). A little over a month ago, there was a promotion at the Pokémon Center in New York where they downloaded the Eon Tickets to people’s Ruby and Sapphire games. Unfortunately, this was the only way to travel to the island at the time. But now, Nintendo is running the same promotion at a Toys R Us near you! Here is what Nintendo has to say:

The Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire EON Ticket Summer Tour is coming to Toys ‘R Us!

Be on the look out — the Pikachu cars are visiting Toys ‘R Us store locations nationwide, between July 19th and September 1st. Come experience a variety of current and upcoming Pokémon games, and walk away with great giveaways. Also, don’t miss your chance to download an EON Ticket. Bring your Game Boy Advance and Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire game, and the EON Ticket download will allow you to visit the mysterious Southern Island to encounter Latias (in Pokémon Ruby) or Latios (in Pokémon Sapphire). Plus … you’ll receive a $10 off coupon good towards your purchase of an e-Reader at Toys ‘R Us. And much, much more!

To view the complete tour schedule, click here.