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Zekrom Eels

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by ogeray, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. ogeray Aspiring Trainer


    the pokemon team
    3 zekrom
    2 zekrom ex
    2 mewtwo
    4-3 elektrik
    1 zapdos

    the supporter engine
    4 collector
    3 juniper
    3 sages
    2 oaks
    1 N

    trainer engine
    3 catcher
    3 level ball
    3 pokegear
    4 junkarm
    2 switch
    1 SSU
    1 super rod
    1 sky arrow

    the energies
    10 lightning
    4 DCE

    the strategy is simple. start setting up eels while using discard supporters to discard energy and accelerate them back onto attackers.
    this deck sets up fast and is consistent early, middle, and end.
    Im thinking about taking out zapdos snipe for terrakion revenge kill but dont want to run prisms due to consistency.

    ideas and thoughts?
    im taking this to states this week.
    all feedback on how to make this deck more consistent or what other cards to tech in for counters or different playstyle is much much appreciated and needed.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Jirachi Smile!


    I'd cut 1 poke gear (2 is enough for me usually) for something, but I can't really remember right now...terrakion or tornadus?I think a maxed out sage's would be good too for discarding.
  3. Namurashi Team Take Out


    I agree with Jirachi 2 Pokegear is good as you can junk arm for them if you really need to use them. That slot can be used for more consistency. I'd also consider drop a sage for an Oaks New Theory because you don't really want to be dropping precious resources early game when you could refresh your hand instead. (although this is a personal preference, play what works for you) You can also consider dropping the SSU for another Skyarrow Bridge or Super Rod (If you feel like you really need to get those pokemon back) for consistency (again, optional) since you want your attackers to get KO'd as to set up another attacker on the bench with the energies that get discarded with the active. Personally I'd go with the Skyarrow bridge because it's a lot easier to retreat Zekroms and Mewtwos while still saving your DCEs for later and don't have to worry so much if one's prizes. It's also good junk arm bait for later.

    -1 Pokegear
    -1 Sage's Training (Optional)
    -1 SSU (Optional)
    +1 Juniper
    +1 PONT
    +1 Skyarrow Bridge

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