Help What partner for Glaceon GX?

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by FacepalmMaster, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. So far I have come up with two solid partners for Glaceon GX: Zoarorak GX and Sivally GX but I don't know what one to invest into...

    I feel like both would work, but I'm leaning a little more towards Sivally because of the memory cards so you can hit weakness on Buzzwole, Sivally, Zororak, and metal. Not to forget that Glaceon auto-wins against Volcanion. on the flip side, Zoroark drastically improves consistency and has an attack for only obe DCE. but that would be more expensive...

    I'm also a little confused about shiny Sivally GX, can I run both normal AND shiny Sivally?
    Type:null seems to be expensive considering it is just a holo that EVOLVES into Sivally GX, if you know any places to find cheap Type:nulls could you let me know.
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  2. GoldenYungoos A shiny Yungoos appeared!


    I'd go with Zoroark GX, but both are good options
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  3. I'm starting to lean that way too, but Sivally GX is cheaper and I already have one so its hard
  4. tiffuts Porygon Enthusiast


    I personally think Zoroark GX is the best partner because of consistency, Trade+Aqua Patch, DCE works for both attackers. Silvally you don't really take advantage of gyro unit ability and I think Aqua Patch is better for energy acceleration. You can always tech in EVO Mewtwo for the psychic weakness as well. The only thing you really gotta worry about is opposing Glaceon GXs. It's definitely going to be interesting to see what Glaceon GX does to the format.
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  5. the reason i was considering sivally was because of the GX attack and memory cards, being able to hit grass/metal (with fire memory) buzzwole(with phycic memory) and zoroark/sivally (with fighting memory)would be HUGE though I could see all these memory card getting clunky
  6. tiffuts Porygon Enthusiast


    I think the memory cards are definitely justifiable but could certainly lead to clunk city. I feel like if you're playing Sivally in a deck it's so you can take advantage of its retreating ability and the memories are like a secondary perk.
  7. RedSuinit Aspiring Trainer


    Skyla is gonna be a key card in Silvally decks in the near future. I'm working on a Silvally Box deck that has options to hit for weakness on almost all types with Raibow energies and DCE. With the drop in poplarity of Gardevoir and the rise of Lycanroc and Buzzwole though, that weakness to fighting just hurts. It really sucks. XD
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    I would actually do the Ancient Origins Eeveelutions to hit Fire, Grass, and Steel Pokemon for weakness, and also Zoroark GX. That was Zoroark can hit Fire, Grass, and Steel as well.
    EDIT: I meant Vaporeon and Flareon, but feel free to run the others! :p
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  9. tiffuts Porygon Enthusiast


    I like the Eevee Box idea, that could be a fun deck. Too bad we can only play 4 Eevees though, I wanna get all the Eeveelutions out.
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    To answer your last question first, yes you can run the regular and shiny Silvally-GX since they're both the same card, one is just a promo. As long as you're not running more than four of any combination, you're good.

    As far as the most optimal partner for Glaceon, I'd have to go with Zoroark over Silvally for a couple reasons:

    1. Zoroark adds a level of consistency to the deck that just can't be achieved with Silvally. Having access to Trade means your chances of having unplayable hands is reduced. You can Trade Water Energy into the discard and then Aqua Patch them to a benched Glaceon, you can also Trade away unneeded cards.

    2. Zoroark is a solid attacker that hits for only a DCE and isn't weak to Metal. Silvally isn't weak to Metal either, but Turbo Drive takes two energy attachments and hits for the same number that Riotous Beating can. Yes, it accelerates and Energy onto the bench, but you can already have Aqua Patch for that.

    3. Glaceon does not benefit from Silvally's ability. If Glaceon were a Basic then I think Silvally could have a stronger case, but even then I'd rather have Zoroark's consistency over Silvally's ability to give Basics free retreat.

    The Memory Tools can be nice, but situational, while Zoroark's ability can be utilized every game.
  11. I was confused because shiny silvally wasn't an alternate art instead, I can see the major problems with silvally now, thanks for the help.
    Yep clunk, clunk, clunk

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