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Alt. Format Volcanion post-rotation & BUS

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by joffreyspikes, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. joffreyspikes #Drampazizzle


    Volcanion is one of my favourite decks in the current meta, and one of the few decks that will come out of the upcoming rotation essentially unscathed. For example, Deciduplume will be dead in the water without, well, Vileplume, and FoGP.

    Pokémon: 18
    4x Volcanion-EX
    4x Volcanion
    2x Turtonator-GX
    2x Tapu Lele-GX
    2x Octillery (PLZ do not get rotated)
    2x Remoraid
    1x Starmie
    1x Staryu

    Trainers: 28
    4x Guzma
    4x Professor Sycamore
    2x N
    3x Ultra Ball
    2x Nest Ball
    1x Pokémon Ranger
    1x Fisherman
    3x Brooklet Hill
    2x Float Stone (fingers crossed it's not rotated)
    2x Field Blower
    1x Delinquent
    1x Super Rod
    2x Kiawe

    14x R Energy

  2. FlavorfulPineApl Favorite Deck: Vespiquen


    I REALLY hope BreakThrough does not rotate! It better not.

    As for the list:

    - 3 Baby Volcs are sufficient, as you also have Turtonator

    - What is it that you will use Kiawe for? The only thing I see it working for is Turtonator, but you have Volcs for that...

    - Delinquent is not needed here, just takes away from consistency

    - Why 4 Guzma? I would lower that down to 2 and add in a switch or rope ( It survives rotation due to a reprint in Burning Shadows

    - Add an extra Ultra Ball if you have space

    - I would also consider Energy Retrival or some other form of item-based Energy draw

    Nice list, hope you consider these suggestions or they were helpful!
  3. joffreyspikes #Drampazizzle


    Well thank you! Not entirely sure about Energy Retrieval as it is simply Garb food and I have Turtonator, Volc and Fisherman to do the same job better! As for Switch/Rope, I think it would be much nicer to control your opponent's active as well as get a switch, so I'll stick with Guzma. Interesting point, though.

    I do concur with your decision about Baby Volc. I might replace one for an Ultra Ball as you also suggested. Delinquent seems fine to me as it simply discourages your opponent from binning your Brooklet Hill, as most decks run 4 stadiums right now.

    And about Kiawe: I thought it might be a useful tech to instantly accelerate energy. This deck doesn't do all that much in the first turn and Lele makes it easy to get out. I might be wrong: I haven't tried the card out yet, no one has!
  4. FlavorfulPineApl Favorite Deck: Vespiquen


    Guess ill have to make proxies! Volcanion seems like a very good deck coming foward though!
  5. HouchinsDJ Aspiring Trainer


    I think just one Kiawe would be sufficient, seeing as how Turtonator is mainly the Pokémon you'd want to use it on. With 2 Tapu Lele I think you'd be fine.

    I would run 3 Guzma and then put in 1 Switch in case you want to switch your Pokémon but don't want to switch your opponent's, especially if Float Stone is rotated.

    14 Energy sounds a little high considering you have Volcanion, Fisherman, Turtonator's GX attack, Kiawe, Super Rod. 12 sounds better to me.

    What about Brigette? You can grab baby Volcanion, Turtonator, Staryu, Remoraid. Just a thought!
  6. joffreyspikes #Drampazizzle


    Ty for the help! Yes, Brigette is very necessary. And your point about switch is very valid. The 2 Kiawe is just to absolutely ensure I get it turn one, through Lele or drawing.
  7. thflame Aspiring Trainer


    I have been testing Kiawe in a Ho-oh GX deck and, from what I have experienced, you REALLY want to use it T1 or T2. Late game it is very weak, because most of your energy will be on the field or in the discard and you will almost always benefit more from an attack (Power Heater or Nitro Tank). I think it is a bit of a waste in Volcanion, but that's just me.

    Guzma is definitely at least a 3 of in every deck. With no VS Seeker or reliable Catcher effect, you want 3 minimum just to pull stuff active. It also doubles as a switch. I play 4 in Ho-oh and the strategy is similar to Volc.

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