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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Koopy, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Koopy SKT


    How good/relevant do you think turbo Darkrai decks will be next format? I'm planning on playing it but I'm not sure if it will stay relevant to other decks.

  2. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    It's not very relevant now and it currently doesn't look like it will be getting more relevant in the future
  3. Latte1504 Aspiring Trainer


    Errrrr, the new Darkrai GX gives the deck a massive buff.
  4. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    i don't think so. Sure it pulls a dark energy up to the field but that's only one and it's not a very good card otherwise (damage capped at 130 and the gx attack needs you opponent to have a special condition which is easy to remove). Plus you still have the problems of being an item heavy deck in garb format and losing a lot of damage to a single knock out
  5. Cobrafilms Aspiring Trainer


    Garbodor won't be nearly as strong next season due to the loss of VS Seeker, and will be played much less.
    If any Garbodor will be played, It'll be the BKP one (With the ability lock.)

    Regarding the original post, I think TurboDark will make a comeback next season. It gets a huge buff with the new Darkrai GX, more than most people think. Not only this, but Max Elixir is still in format.

    It's only issue is the new Marshadow, but I don't expect to see TOO many of those in standard.
  6. osmyth Aspiring Trainer


    I agree with Latte and Cobra, that Darkrai-GX will improve TD.
    What's difficult to understand is how all the other decks and new decks will fair. For starters though it means looking at cards that will help or hinder TD. If nothing (from TD) gets rotated and there are a stack of new helping cards then it may be up near the top again.
    Omnipoke did a good vid of the impact of the GRI cards, so hoping they will do similar with BUS.
  7. Fayld Rayquaza / Eelektross Master


    I actually think Darkrai decks are going to be sitting in the same spot Greninja was for most of the Deciplume dominant portion of the season...Gardevoir GX and Volcanion are going to be played heavily and I think Darkrai sits out the first portion of the season in standard.

    It will still be really good in Expanded though.
  8. JDA Aspiring Trainer


    Not too relevant as of yet, might become relevant but I think the new D favourite is Zoroark, both Break and GX seem incredible and it isn't too often that more top Tier Darknes is added on top of such an amazing design. Darkrai GX seems fine though but I think that the Turbodark concept isnt too likely to return.

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