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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Sonic_Freak, Nov 25, 2009.

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    Alright, so whenever an attack says "the defending pokémon" does the effect follow a retreating pokémon? For instance, Absol G's Doom News Which pokémon gets knocked out if they switch? And if they switch on a smokescreen, do they still have to flip? And Silcoon's entangling sting? I'm almost positive it has to be a widespread rule, like you can't say you still have to flip for smokescreen but Doom News KOs the retreated Pokémon. What's the ruling on this?

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    Whenever the text were to saying "The Defending Pokemon", it is referring to the current Defending Pokemon. So, in Absol G's Doom News, the effect would only happen to the targetted Pokemon. If that Pokemon retreats, then the effect would where off, and the new Defending Pokemon would not be effected at all.

    Basically, all effects go away when a Pokemon retreats, and "The Defending Pokemon" part only refers to the Defending Pokemon that was struck by the effect.
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    No, generally, effects go away when a pokemon is benched. There might be a few exceptions, but you'll have to look in the compendium for the exceptions (if there are any, which there may not be).

    So Doom News-effect doesn't follow.
    Smokescreen and like effects-doesn't follow to bench

    EDIT: Ninja'd. First time in a while...
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    Any attacks, Powers, Bodies, or other card effects that refer to 'the Defending Pokemon' refer to the current Defending Pokemon (i.e. the one at the time the card is used). Effects of attacks that reside on that Defending Pokemon (such as Doom News) are removed once it is benched, evolves, devolves, or Levels Up. (I don't know about leveling down. Presumably it does there as well.)
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    So if someone uses smokescreen and then I switch out, the new defending pokémon can attack regularly? Figures AFTER the battle I find out. So Doom News and Doom Desire completely stop if "the defending pokémon" changes in any way? Again, NOW you tell me. I've had people doing it all ways that would be bad for me, the new defending gets knocked out, it KOs the benched Pokémon but no one's yet admitted that I escaped.
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    Yes, thank-you. ^_^

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