TCG Theorymon Exercises - Week 4

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by The Yoshi, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. The Yoshi Wumbo
    The Yoshi


    Hey everyone. After seeing the VG Theorymon exercises done by [member]Bippa[/member], I decided it would be interesting to see views of various members of how a certain aspect of the TCG can be improved, such as a card or a part of the TCG in general. Now we're into Week 4, and I decided to make this exercise exactly like the last one.


    1) Say what's on your mind, but don't troll. People can tell that advice is legit, even if they don't agree with it.

    2) Say as much as you want! There's no limit on how many aspects you would like to see changed, and that shouldn't hold you back from providing multiple pieces of advice.

    3) If you disagree with a member, don't flame or I will get [mod]Glaceon[/mod] in here and Ice Beam you all.

    So here's the card we'll be working on.


    Make your changes assuming you could take the card, use Wite-Out on anything you wanted, and change it. Begin!

  2. SeaLegend Heya.


    The first step would be to bump its HP up to 90. In a format where Tornadus and Regigigas are running rampant, this is a surprisingly scary card to have out turn 1.

    Along the same lines, I would make it so its Body could work when it isn't active, but make it so it wouldn't stack with other Absols.

    I think 90 damage would be a bit better for its attack, 70 for 2 is a bit low, especially for an attack with a condition and drawback.

    Lastly, I would give it free retreat to boost its power as a starter.
  3. Cinema Gyarados Bait


    I would make the attack be 1 Dark for the same effect but have it do only 30 damage. This may seem like it's getting worse, but it would make Mew a whole lot more playable. Plus, it could OHKO Tynamos, so it'd be a really great boost for Mew.
  4. Leafy101 It's dangerous to go alone!


    ^Maybe the damage should be 40 then, if you want it to KO Tynamos.
  5. Cinema Gyarados Bait


    People have switched over to the free retreat Tynamo for the most part, so 30 would be fine. Plus there's Special Dark and Plus Power.
  6. RogueChomp Team DBT


    It would be so muh better if:
    It could use its pokebody from the bench. Sorry Tynamos, but they gone die.
    Its attack discard a pokemon instead of lost zoning. (If your point of absol is to use Absol then Mew Swarm, rethink your deck. It doesn't work as well as you'd think unless Absol attacks T1. Just attack with Mew 1st)
    it had free retreat
    its hp was 100.
    (Note: If its ability put more damage on your opponents basics, that would be pretty scary. 20 is good and fair)
  7. alex Miss the game


    1 Energy attack, reduce the attack to 30. Would make it sooo much better. Making the power work from the bench seems too OP imo.
  8. RogueChomp Team DBT


    well it is Over powered, but only i the damage stacks.
  9. alex Miss the game


    Double pluspower that works on every single pokemon? Wayyy to overpowered.
  10. RogueChomp Team DBT


    Only when they play the card down of course.
  11. raw19 The Trapmaster


    Keep the HP and Body the same.

    Change the attack to 1 dark for 30, with an extra 40 on a good flip. Also change the attack so that you can remove any card, instead of just Pokemon.

    Free Retreat pls.
  12. iisnumber12 Team UN (White)


    Not really, it would just be an interesting tech, but I do think some drawback should be added to that attack. Maybe something like it works on the bench if Absol has energies.

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