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Expanded Tapu-krow krow

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Redcubone02, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Redcubone02 Aspiring Trainer


    3 honchkrow (guardians rising)
    3 murkrow (guardians rising
    3 tapu koko (promo)
    1 shaymin ex (i have no lele)
    1 necrozma gx
    2 trubish
    2 garbodor(trashvalanche)
    2 sneasel
    2weavile(burning shadows)

    3 sycamore
    2 n
    1 lysandre
    1 guzma
    1 colress
    1 bridgette
    1 rescue strecher
    2 muscle band
    2 special charge
    2 hypnotoxic laser
    2 vs seeker
    2 battle compressor
    3 bursting baloon
    3 ultra ball
    2 level ball
    2 feild blower
    1 float stone
    1 energy lotto

    4 dce
    5 psychic(also for special enrgy denial cards)
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  2. EarthwormZim Aspiring Trainer


    I would try to make room for a 2-1/1 or 3-2/1 line of Sneasel-Weavile. The Rule of Evil Weavile can do 60 damage to all Pokemon with abilities (including yours) for 1 energy and the new one from SM5 does 50 damage times the amount of your opponent's Pokemon with abilities. 2-1/1 is probably best since not all decks rely in abilities but it could severely punish those that do (like Gardevoir, Metagross, Solgaleo, Zoroark, Lycanroc, etc. Not to mention Lele/Shaymin is in every deck).
  3. Redcubone02 Aspiring Trainer


    Yeah i considered adding the weavile but didnt know how well it would do. Also does it work even if garbotoxin is in play or is it only active abilities. Idk -1rescue stretcher -1 psychic -1energy lotto - level ball. +2 sneasel +2 weavile (burning shadows)
  4. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    Garbotoxin removes abilities from pokemon (except for Garbotoxin) so Weavile would only do 60 damage to garbotoxin
  5. Redcubone02 Aspiring Trainer


    As opossed to 60 to the hypothetical shaymin/lele
  6. Redcubone02 Aspiring Trainer


    Bump im considering this turbo turtles or drampazzle to bring to dallas reginols(im a senior btw)
  7. The Last Shaymin I am a Shaymin. Nuff said.
    The Last Shaymin


    I recommend running turbo turtles
  8. Redcubone02 Aspiring Trainer


    -1 ultra ball +1 bridgette

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