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  1. Tsukeo Skitty is so cute! <3


    Is Stop2Shop safe to order from?

  2. ApachePrime Aspiring Trainer


    I've never ordered, but I would imagine. They sponsor JWittz. I've never heard anything bad about them. And if you go watch one of the Prof-it vids, there's a coupon code at the end.
  3. goldenthumb PokéBeach Champion


    I bought cards there before. They are B-Legit! <<<That means good!!!
  4. don()shinobi PokeBeach's Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast. I guess.


    Ehh, I personally wouldn't buy from there. Overpriced things from what I've seen. They charge $30 for a Skymin Lv.X and a whopping $45 for a Dialga G Lv.X. And this was before the rotation, and those are still the prices today.
  5. Porygon-X There's No Place Like


    I wouldn't buy Lv Xs from there, but everything else is great. You always have a discount code, and really cheap single card shipping. I use it, and it's perfectly safe.
  6. Spidy Aspiring Trainer


    lots of places have cheap shipping for singles though

    and even with the discount, i can usually find everything for cheaper

    the only good deal they really have is the 18 booster pack deals, which you can buy 2 of for cheaper than a box
    but dunno if they weigh them or anything
  7. dragonpulse20 Working on Platinum Nuzlocke


    I like trollandtoad better. Trollandtoad is much cheaper.
  8. Avacado See you space cowboy...


    I just bought some cards from their il tell you how long itll take, kinda stupid time to order something because this week theres like two holidays (labor Day, Rosh hashhana..whatever) so im thinking itll take long. :(

    but ill post to say when it comes.
  9. Avacado See you space cowboy...


    I GOT IT.

    Alright so i ordered it on saturday and got it today Thursday, so pretty fast shipping

    i ordered 5 single cards, they were a little bent some of them but its fine, good condition. they come in plastic sleeves AND the hard plastic single card protectors which is really nice. And i got a discount by using "PROF-IT" lol :p

    id recommend it, im gonna try trollandtoad next since i heard a lot of stuff about them .

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