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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by PokeDad924, Aug 12, 2017.

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    But, not for the reason you'd think. I took my 3 year old and nearly 8 year old today. After awhile of waiting, they couldn't find the promos, so they gave out full packs of BUS. After they were opened, the trading commenced. My oldest brought some of his other surplus cards amd was wheeling and dealing. But, my little one wasn't having any success.

    He came along for the ride and I didn't even expect him to get a card (or pack in this case), but he wants to do everything big brother does. Since he had only those ten cards and none of them were note worthy, he was continually passed by. It about broke his little heart. But, a few mi tues before we were going to pack up, an older boy came over and handed him a card and started to walk off. I asked him if he wanted something, and he said no, he just wanted to make my son feel included. When I saw the card, it was a Golispod GX. He has no idea what that is, but it made his day. That boy restored a little faith in humanity. Bless his heart.

    Oh, and they found the promos, so we got those and a pack of cards.

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    Efforts like that do not have to be rewarded; however, I would have let that kid have a pack of whatever he wanted. By giving him a pack, it would have shown your 8 year old what it is like to give (not necessarily that they will get anything in return for being nice); however, people like that are very few and far in between.
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    I wish I would have that of that at the time. I still think he deserves something for his kindness. I was just dumbfounded as to what I should do.
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    Yeah, it is definitely a "what-should-I-do" situation. Giving people amaze me sometimes!
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    similar thing happened to us when we first went to our local store to buy some packs for my son - we came while some people were playing pokemon tcg and one of adults playing gave him an EX card
    my kid was so excited he couldn't stop talking about the card for 2 days and how he is gonna show it to all his friends in school

    we still collect ptcg cards and we still own that card
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    It reminds me of a new group of players to our league. A little boy, maybe no older than six came to play with his dad for one of our weekly tournaments showed up with starter decks to play and of course he lost and I did well enough to get a pack, which I ended up giving to his son. He ended up getting a Sylveon-GX from the pack when it was one of the cards to have and he was super excited about it.

    I personally believe that is what makes the game that much better and for me it's seeing younger players enjoying themselves. When you play with and hang out with Master, it's always about money and having the best cards but the kids keep in simple and I often do what I can to make sure they have what they need.

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