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    I've been working on a Pokemon checklist in Excel and thought I would share it with everyone here.

    It allows you to input every card you have and it will tell you how many you have remaining in each set, how many holos, rares, etc remaining and how many overall cards you own and have remaining to complete all sets.

    The way I have it set up right now it's not really suitable for printing out, but that's next on the agenda.

    You can find the checklist here

    If anyone has any questions, suggestions, corrections or anything else either send me a pm here or email me at [email protected] It's quite a bit of stuff, so I suspect there might be a mistake or 2 that I missed.

    As I make changes to the checklist I'll update this post to include the newest version.

    Hopefully this is a good tool for collectors and anyone else who wants to keep track of all their cards. Thanks

  2. Cheffords Aspiring Trainer


    That is a cool thing. However you might consider posting it to GoogleDocs instead (more user friendly, I think). But, whatever, it is cool for you to share this.
  3. SMP Aspiring Trainer


    The file is just too big to upload on GoogleDocs (they only allow up to 1MB).
  4. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    this is cool but i found some errors:
    some colors for the pokémon names are wrong, like Sabrina's Golduck and there are more but I don't remember right now.
    Also, in Ex Sandstorm, you putted 2 psyduck, when it's actually
    - psyduck
    - ralts
    the formula for counting the number of different cards of pokémon types in Power Keepers is mistaken.
    finally, there are 3 cards missing that I noticed: Ancient Mew in WotC promos, Electabuzz in Best of Promos and Unown ! in Unseen Forces.
    1 suggestion: I think the number of cards (total, different, left) for shinies and secret rares should be separated from regular holos.
    Also, when you release the new version for SV (i guess), if we already have filled the previous one, we will have to do it again for the new one and that will be a bit boring, I think.
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    I use the lists from the main site..
  6. SMP Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks for the input, I know there's a couple things wrong with colors and things like that, I tried to catch whatever I could, but that's one of the reasons I posted it here, so that other people could help me catch these errors.

    I was thinking about separating the holos from the secret rares/shinies, but I thought it would be too cluttered, I'll play around with it for my next big update though.

    With regards to adding new sets to the checklist, whenever a new set is released I'm going to make up a supplementary excel workbook with the new set's checklist along with new updated totals pages. All you would have to do it add these pages to the checklist you already filled out and delete the old totals pages and everything will automatically recalculate itself. I'm going to include a little tutorial on how to do this in the supplementary workbook though.

    I'll also include new sheets for any sets that have messed up calculations or colors or anything like that. All you'll have to do is copy/paste the values for the number of cards from the old sheet to the new one in the same spot. It wouldn't take too long and I'll include another tutorial when I do that. I'm going to try and find all the mistakes I've made before I do this though so that people only have to do this once. The only time you would have to copy/paste values from every set is if I completely change around how something is calculated, like including a separate area for secret rares/shinines.

    I know the lists from the main site are perfectly find for keeping track of which cards you have, but I thought this would be nice for collectors or anyone else who wants to know various details about the number of cards they have.

    Also, can you tell me exactly what is wrong with the formulas in Power Keepers? It'll be easier to change if I know what I'm looking for.
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    And if you don't have Excel get OpenOffice 3.1
  8. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    I don't know how to exactly explain... in the formula to calculate the number of cards of a particular pokémon type, it does an addition (+) when it should just "count"...
  9. Cheffords Aspiring Trainer


    I have been looking for "inventory" software for a while now and this is as good as anything out there. I look forward to your updates and actually spending some time using the tool you have produced.
  10. SMP Aspiring Trainer


    Ah, alright. I found the mistake. I was summing up the cards instead of actually counting them. I'll fix that for my next update, thanks.
  11. SMP Aspiring Trainer


    Hey everyone, I haven't really had time to work on this checklist recently, but I'm going to start working on it again soon.

    I was thinking of a couple different setups to better organize everything and was hoping to get some feedback to see what people would want. The 2 main ideas I have is to split up the current workbook by groups of sets (all Wizards cards, Ruby/Sapphire sets and Diamond/Pearl sets). Each group would have its own workbook and totals page. This would be nice so that people who don't have older cards wouldn't have to have a bunch of sheets with sets that they don't have on it.

    My other idea was to split each individual set into its own workbook with a separate totals workbook that would summarize all of them. If a person doesn't have cards from a set they don't even have to open the workbook for that individual set. It would also allow me to more easily update or edit the checklist, since all I would need to do is upload the newest set and totals workbook. The only downside to this is that there would be a file for every set, plus one for promos and totals, which would come close to 50 workbooks.

    I was also thinking of changing how shinies and ultra rare cards are categorized. Right now they're categorized as a holo card, but I was thinking of giving them their own category of ultra rare or something like that. I don't want to separate each type of card (shiny, ultra rare, shining from the neo sets, etc) since that would be too many, but I do want to separate them from the regular holo cards.

    I also want to know what I should use as their rarity symbol. Most of the cards just have a normal star that a holo/rare card would have (with the exception of shining and star pokemon). I was thinking of using a triple star as a way to identify that it's not a normal holo card.

    Any other suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. I hope to have the updated version of this done within 2 weeks or so.

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