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    So I was reading the penalty guidelines and found this:

    Examples of Marked Cards: Major include:

    •All of the Basic Pokémon in a player’s deck are parallel holo, causing a slight bend down
    the center of the card. This creates a pattern that allows the player to identify Basic Pokémon when the cards are face down, at rest.

    I was studying to become a professor and got my mind blown reading this, ¿does this really happens ?(or just used to happen). I have seen lots of decks that use holo for everything or just pokemon but never thought that It could be a problem.

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    You CAN have all your Pokémon be a certain holo. I even have a sort of ‘holo system’ in my deck to help me figure out what is prized.

    The stipulation is that you need to shuffle and press them down enough so that, for an event, they look the same as every other card.

    Left in their bent state, they can be considered marked.
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    Ok, thanks for your answers!
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    thom ye


    the slight bend just naturally happens (even with non holo). take a look at sleeves... many form a slight bend, even before usage.
    a lot of times, I try to counter the bend by stacking a small book/weight on top of the deck to minimize the bend.
    just be careful that you align them correctly nor make a crease.

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