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    Gooood morning/afternoon/evening, trainers!

    I'd like to welcome everyone to the first edition of Pales' Draft Tournament! Allow me to introduce you to the event. The PDT is 2 dual-stage, double elimination tournaments covering two separate games: Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon for the 3DS and Pokemon Showdown for the computer and mobile device.

    Each tournament will divide and pit 8 teams into divisions of 2 for a 3-match group stage. For those who finish in the top 2 of each division, they will enter the second phase of the competition: the knockouts. Here, the double elimination part I mentioned above comes into play, as the 4 remaining teams can only screw up once before being knocked out of the tournament. This process will continue until both tournaments have 2 teams each, in which a championship match will decide who wins and who loses it all.

    While winning the greatest form of bragging rights in the existence of bragging rights is pretty great, the PDT will also reward the winning teams with the tournament exclusive P Ribbons, digital displays of proof that they royally dominated the competition, like the example below.

    Interested? Of course you are! If you think you have what it takes to win a coveted P Ribbon, please feel free to sign up with this link:

    Want more information about the tournament? DM me and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible. The official rules and such will be revealed before the initial draft is underway. Thank you, and good luck to all those who're attempting the unown ;)


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