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Standard Need Help with a Lycanroc GX Deck

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Alex29720, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Alex29720 Aspiring Trainer


    My son likes Lycanroc GX and wants a deck with it as the main card. Any ideas for a deck list would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Digital Dragon Thinks Chandelure is the cutest Pokémon
    Digital Dragon


  3. Alex29720 Aspiring Trainer


    I like some of the stuff in that list but some of it is not standard
  4. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    I too posted some comments, as well as a complete deck list in the thread @Digital Dragon referenced. IMO, Lycanroc GX's "best" strategy is to utilize energy denial via its Crunch attack and Hammers. This is largely due to the fact that there are other popular decks that can just out-speed and out-gun Lycanroc GX if you don't slow the opponents down.

    Further, the "little" Lycanroc should all be replaced with perhaps Turtonator GX in order to provide the Lycanroc GXs with some protection against G decks (both Tapu Bulu GX and Golisopod GX are quite popular right now).

    I'd suggest drafting a complete deck and post it here in this thread for more detailed suggestions.

    I hope you find these comments helpful.
  5. Alex29720 Aspiring Trainer


    Ok so he changed the request he now wants a lycanroc gx deck with charizard gx. So this is what I came up with
    3-rockruff from guardians
    2-lycanroc gx from guardians
    1-lycanroc gx promo sm14
    because that was the main card he wanted then
    2-charmander from burning shadows
    2-charmeleon from shadows
    1-charizard gx from shadows
    Again because that is what he wanted
    1-salandit from guardians
    1-salazzle gx from shadows
    Pretty heavy hitter at low cost 2 fire energy
    1-zygarde ex from dates collide
    1-ho-oh gx from shadows
    1-tauros gx from S&M
    For a couple stronge basics
    1-Rhyhorn from shadows
    1-Rhydon from shadows
    1-Rhyperior from shadows
    To beat alolan ninetails(see a lot of them where we play)

    4-burning energy
    6-fire energy
    4-strong energy
    4-fighting energy
    3-double colorless energy

    2-Professor Sycamore
    2-ultra balls
    2-rare candy
    2-Brooklet hill
    2-professors letter
    1-bursting balloon

    I'm pretty new to building decks so don't be to harsh lol
  6. FlashRayquaza Rayquaza Fan


    Well, this deck won't work. Tell him he has to choose between Lycanroc and Charizard, not both. If you decide to use it, please add Tapu Lele GX and Brigette. But he would lose propably and then he is unhappy.

    And if he wants to be competitive and win, he should take a good card, not a good lookin. Like Metagross or Ninetales or Garbodor. Please try to tell him.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
  7. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    As you view some of the better decks in this Garage or on other websites, you'll find that most of those decks have a "focus" or a strategy that tends to limit the Pokémon used. For example, when starting to build a deck based upon some idea/concept, you first select the core Pokémon and Trainers you'll need to execute the deck strategy. These particular Trainers provide the needed "consistency" (a term used quite often) for the deck to run smoothly while you excute the deck's strategy. In your son's deck, I assume that the Lycanroc GX and Charizard GX are the main attackers. Supporting these main attackers are some other Pokémon you listed and most of these are strong Basics which will come in handy from time to time.

    Note about 1-1 Poké lines: should either of the Pokémon be prized, you've potentially lost a resource for the game since you need both Pokémon. This risk of unavailability increases more so for Stage 2 Pokémon when just using a 1-1-1 line. Further, having multiple different lines (i.e., Charizard GX, Lycanroc GX, Rhyperior and Salazzle) will inherently impede "fast" setup.

    So, I'd first suggest streamlining your deck to the main Pokémon lines of Lycanroc GX and Charizard GX. Secondly, few of the listed supporting Pokémon can be used as preferred starters while setting up the 'Rocs and 'Zards. So, consider the following:

    2 Lycanroc GX (GRI)
    1 Lycanroc GX (Promo)
    3 Rockruff

    2 Charizard GX - bumped up by 1 to increase consistency
    2 Charmeleon
    3 Charmander - bumped up by 1 to increase consistency

    1 Zygarde EX - can also counter Alolan Ninetales
    2 Ho-Oh GX - bumped up by 1 as a counter to Alolan Ninetales
    1 Tauros GX - can also counter Alolan Ninetales

    IMO, no Salazzle nor Rhyperior which are just "clutter" and more liability than assets.

    Going from the original 19 Pokémon to 17 also freed-up some deck space for more "consistency" cards, like card-draw Supporters.

    -1 Bursting Balloon - not critical
    -1 Professor's Letter - 1 should be sufficient with improved card-draw support
    -2 Wally - not critical

    +1 Brigette - help to get your bench setup
    +1 Energy Retrieval - recovers discarded asic energy
    +1 N - more card-draw support
    +1 Professor Sycamore
    +1 Skyla - facilitates accessing Rare Candy or other needed Item
    +1 Timer Ball - facilitates getting your Stage 1 Pokémon in play
    +1 Ultra Ball

    21 energy is way too much. I'd suggest:

    -4 Burning
    -1 Fighting
    -1 Strong

    Consider adding 2 Turtonator GX to replace the Tauros GX and Ho-Oh GX since Turtonator GX can retrieve and attach discarded R energy. Just a thought.

    Any remaining open slots, consider testing cards that would be the deck more consistent or just needed cards like Guzma.

    I hope you find these comments helpful.
  8. Jacktropolis Aspiring Trainer


    That deck simply won't work Lycanroc GX and Charizard GX just don't go together at all.
    But if that's what you're going with you need to get rid of non essential Pokémon (the 1-1-1 line of rhyperior will almost never come together) streamline Lycanroc and Charizard and add in more solid draw support (+1-2 sycamore/N no Wallys) Lycanroc GX is actually pretty good with circle circuit raichu so I would see if he wants to try that because I'll be %100 honest a Lycanroc/Charizard decks is just going to get mauled by most things.....but if that's what he wants than try to make it work who knows it could be amazing I know I've made my fair share of absurd decks haha
  9. Alex29720 Aspiring Trainer


    Ho-oh gx won't help against the ninetails that blocks gx attacks. I get the rest of the changes a lot of what I had was due to not having stuff like Bridgette and more N or Sycamore. Also I had the 4 burning energy for charizard when he discards them the will be reattached so he could keep doing the 300 damage.
  10. Alex29720 Aspiring Trainer


    I agree this deck will get destroyed 9-10 times. I tried explaining it to him but I think he is just gonna have to see to believe.
  11. Alex29720 Aspiring Trainer


    I agree it's gonna be hard to make this work. I would have put a lele in there but the only ones I have are in my deck and my brothers deck. And I only have one Bridgette which is in my deck l. I think he is just gonna have to see that this deck doesn't work and go from there
  12. Jacktropolis Aspiring Trainer


    Oh yeah I didn't mean to come across disrespectful or anything either, you just gotta play and see what works and what other people do that's why the game is great, it took me awhile to see really what works and how to build/pilot meta type decks.
  13. Jacktropolis Aspiring Trainer


    3 special energy on a stage 2? That's a bold strategy Cotton
  14. Alex29720 Aspiring Trainer


    Yeah I run a physic deck and it works pretty well just not familiar with fighting or fire
  15. KabuTopgun Revived Ninja.


    Well honestly, just because some guy says it will never work doesn't mean there isn't some potential there. I'm glad you haven't just dismissed your sons hopes without trying; this game was for kids before anything else and throwing away a sense of fun for following the meta to the letter is the worst thing you can recommend to a child IMO.

    I think the key is focusing more on Charizard GX as a prime attacker and using Lycanroc GX(Guardians) for support, which can work well against chump tactics or the occasional Alolan Ninetales(ie, one way to beat is is just to go around). This even has a certain advantage in that Lysandre has rotated and Guzma will put your Charizard onto the bench; which I would want to avoid, personally, if it's all charged up. Aside from the fact that using Kiawe means your supporter lineup is somewhat distracted from draw power already.

    Speaking of Kiawe, I would actually run consider running 4. This is simply because playing a first turn Kiawe is by far the best use you'll get; you won't lose an attack(even going second you're not likely to be doing a meaningful attack on your first turn anyway) and are now setup for an aggressive start.
    The problem with this strategy being that you can't play a Supporter first to draw/search Kiawe and are therefore depending on probability; so the only ways to improve this likelihood are by running more copies or adding stuff like Accel Bike. There's no problem with playing an extra Kiawe in a game assuming you time it right and if you're using Ultra Balls it can be discarded if you don't need it. So I guess I should clarify that building this way would involve rounding up on your number of supporters.
    Another card that helps with this is Scorched Earth; with Charizard GX taking a greater role you don't need to access those Rockruff's so readily and it's kind of neat that both your energy types fit the cost of the draw power provided.

    Otherwise I agree with much of what Tuxedo has said; especially in regards to that Rhyperior line, which is far too much hassle to deal with Alolan Ninetales in the occasional match...

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