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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Mitja, Aug 11, 2017.

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    So now that all the mega stones are available in Sun&Moon (only last 4 missing a code, which we will get within a month), I've made an overview image for anyone who might have missed any that were released already:


    Let's take this opportunity to discuss the state of mega evolutions in general I suppose? :D

    Mega evolutions have been pushed to the side in generation 7, since they were in the spotlight for all of generation 6 and they probably didn't want them to distract from all the other fancy new features and gimmicks (Alola forms, Z-moves..)

    But does that mean there isn't going to be any new mega evolutions at all now?

    Personally I think they'll bring them back as soon as they make another nostalgia-game (like a return to Kanto or Sinnoh in a remake or sequel or whatever).
    Although I'd be more excited to see them use the concept behind Alola forms for other regions than new Megas (for example if we return to Sinnoh, why not have the non-Sinnoh native Pokémon appear as "Sinnoh forms"? So at nights you'd encounter snowy Ice/Flying Noctowl etc.)

    But other than that priority, I really do hope we see more Megas in the future. One reason being that the selection so far was very early-gen-biased. The biggest focus was on generation 1 at first (XY), but due to ORAS, the highest amount of megas is now generation 3. Meanwhile all generation 5 (the generation with the most amount of Pokémon ever) got is Audino.

    Sun&Moon does now have all mega stones available one way or another...but we're getting USUM in a few months, so... will we have to collect them ALL OVER AGAIN? (and wait for half of them to be handed out as wifi-codes again?..)

    I wasn't a fan of the way they released the mystery-gift mega stones.. I mean, the games have been out since November, and only since yesterday am I able to use my Mega Gallade again.

    Hopefully USUM will simply have all of the mega stones available in the Battle tree shop (I might actually take the gazillion battle points from the PokeBank to make some use of them LOL)
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    I agree and disagree:

    I disagree that they should make new megas. If they can invent themselves again, like what they did with Alolan forms, that would be better.
    I do agree, however, that any up coming new form mechanic should be introduced with later generations, or at least exclude gen 1 and 3, which already have got "their share".
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    If they aren't going to add more Megas, one thing they could do then, is add discount-Megas for every Pokémon that didn't get one.

    What I mean is, make a universal Mega stone (or call it Super evolutions or whatever to distinguish it from Megas.. we did get Primals already, so it's not like it'd be weird to add more variations of Megas that are technically the same thing).

    Making any Pokémon able to Mega evolve, just without getting a new design. Make them glow instead or whatever.
    Have theit stats boosted and their abilities changed (basically have fourth ability slot for each Pokémon that's reserved for when they Mega evolve), sometimes add or change a type if it makes things more exciting.

    Then I'd be fine with no new megas ever again xD
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