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  1. Kingdoms VII – The Great Rebuild
    Welcome to Kingdoms! In this game, we battle Pokemon with each other in an attempt to conquer the world. Or at least… the game’s world. That’s still fun, right? Your task is to build your army of Pokemon that can get you to that point when you become a conqueror.

    If you’ve played Kingdoms before, there are a few new elements that you’ll need to know before you sign up. I’m changing the game in a few ways and it’d be best to know what they are.

    Sign Up and Preparation

    • To sign up, post the type you wish to use in the thread. Unlike in past games, two players cannot have the same time. This also means that our player cap is 18, though I doubt we’ll reach it.
    • Then, you’ll need to PM me a list of unevolved, but still evolvable, Pokemon of that type. Pokemon that evolve into a Pokemon of that type are still allowed (ie. I can select Torchic on my Fighting-type team). Similarly, if your Pokemon evolves into a Mega Evolution of your type, then you may use it (ie. I can select Magikarp for my Dark-type team). There are exceptions to this rule, see below. As for the number of Pokemon on your list, keep reading.
    • You may change your type before the game begins.

    Pokémon Lists & Set Up

    • All Pokemon on your list must be unevolved Pokemon capable of further evolution. Additionally, they must be hatchable from an egg (meaning no Type: Null). All Pokemon are at Lv.100.
    • Exceptions: Your starting Pokemon cannot include: Scyther, Sneasel or Tangela. Additionally, the ability Moody cannot be on any Pokemon.
    • Your Pokemon may have any ability, even if it is unreleased. However, your Pokemon’s ability cannot be changed under normal circumstances.
    • You may not have two Pokemon of the same PokeDex number in your team.
    • A Pokemon’s nature cannot normally be changed under normal circumstances.
    • Your Pokemon’s moves may be any it learns via level up or egg. TM, HM and Tutor moves cannot be taught without having the proper TM/HM/tutor. TM/HM/Tutor moves are not transferred with the Pokemon if it is given to a new player.
    • OHKO moves or Evasion boosting moves may not be present on any Pokemon.
    Use this list to send in your PM.
    [*]Kingdom Name:
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0 / Evolution Rank:
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0 / Evolution Rank:
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0 / Evolution Rank:
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0 / Evolution Rank:
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0 / Evolution Rank:
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0 / Evolution Rank:
    The number of Pokemon on your list depend on the type you choose. Use the list below to determine how many Pokemon you may include in your signup list.
    • 6 Pokemon (the minimum) – Flying, Ghost, Steel, Water
    • 7 Pokemon – Psychic, Normal, Dragon, Fighting
    • 8 Pokemon – Poison, Ground, Dark, Fairy, Fire
    • 9 Pokemon (the maximum) – Grass, Rock, Bug, Ice, Electric

    Player and Pokémon Stats

    • Each player’s kingdom will have five lives, and will start with 5000 coins in their inventory. Coins will be earned easily throughout the game, and will be required for most stuff.
    • You do not start with any items, and items can only be purchased at night.
    • Each time you lose a battle, you lose a life. Lose all five, and you’re out. You can earn more lives throughout the game.
    • Pokemon have ranks, ranging from 0-6. that will determine their evolution. Unlike in past Kingdoms, evolution varies depending on the Pokemon. Instead, it is based off of the base stat total for the evolution. Take the first digit of the evolution’s BST, and that is the rank your Pokemon will need to reach to evolve. Additionally, all Pokemon will need to reach rank 6 to Mega Evolve.
      • Some examples: Kirlia has a BST of 278, so Ralts needs to reach Rank 2 to evolve.
      • Vaporeon has a BST of 525, so Eevee needs to reach rank 5 to evolve.
      • Exception: Nincada cannot evolve into Shedinja
    • Item, Stone, Move or other evolutionary criteria does not matter; all that matters is the rank and BST.
    • Ranks are transferred if your Pokemon is given a new owner.
    Phases and Gameplay

    The game consists of three phases: Day, Night, and Event. Day phases are when battles take place, and all matches must be completed in a timely manner. Trading between kingdoms may only happen at Night, and posting in-thread is still allowed. Players must PM me during Night phases whether they are doing anything that night or not, to ensure their activity. Players that fail to do this will receive a warning.

    An Event phase will always follow the Night phase. Details for the Event shall be posted at the start of each Night phase, to allow people time to decide on their participation.
    • Day phases last five days, or until all matches are completed.
    • Night phases last two days, or until each player has sent their activity PM.
    • Event phases last until they are completed or I deem them completed.
    • During Day phases you may:
      • Challenge other Kingdoms to battle (you may only challenge the same Kingdom once each Day phase, unless specific rules state otherwise).
      • Each battle must follow the rules and regulations set by the Day update. Day rules always take precedence over standard rules.
      • Challenge another kingdom by posting in bold: I, >name<, declare war upon >kingdom<.
      • Accept or deny challenges from other kingdoms. Denying challenges comes at the loss of 2 lives.
    • During Night phases you may:
      • Trade Pokémon or items in public (in-thread) or private (private message). Items and Pokémon can be traded or sold. Pokemon may only be traded one-for-one, to prevent teaming players from having major advantages over other players. Be sure to add me to all private conversations, especially about trading, for this game.
      • Buy your items at the market. Sell prices vary depending on the night.
      • Adopt Pokemon from the adoption shelter, for a fee.
      • Decide whether or not you will be participating in the upcoming Event phase.
      • Use your buildings. More on this later.
    • During Event phases you may:
      • ...Participate in the Event, I guess? Oh, wait:
      • Carefully not die.
    Battles: Beginning, Conducting and Reporting

    • When accepting a match, you must select up to 6 of your Pokémon to battle your opponent. Upload these Pokémon to PS, and conduct your match there.
    • Be sure to save your Battle Video and send it to me for confirmation. No wins or loses count if I do not have the Battle Video.
    • To report a match, the winner is responsible for sending in the replay (though either player may do so). I will then need to know what Pokémon you wish to apply ranks to, what Pokémon is being lost to the other player, etc.
    • Winner:
      • Choose one:
        • Receives 1 Pokémon used by opponent in battle. The opponent has no consent over this, but feel free to beg and/or try to appeal to their better nature (if they have one).
        • Receives +2 ranks, which may be applied to any of his Pokémon used in battle.
      • If you issued the battle and won, take both prizes.
      • If your battle caused your opponent to be eliminated, you will get the remainder of their Pokemon.
    • Not-Quite-The-Winner:
      • If your opponent chooses to receive two ranks, Lose 1 life.
      • Or if your opponent receives 1 of your Pokemon, Lose 1 Pokémon used in battle (the unused Pokémon are still unknown and unaffected).
      • If you issue the battle and lose, lose 2 lives.
      • Receives +1 rank to be applied to any of his Pokémon (this is chosen after the Pokemon is lost to the other player, and may not be given to it).
    • Tie:
      • If the battle ends with neither player having any Pokémon left, the battle is a tie. There are no exceptions to this. Rough Skin KOing your opponent's last Pokémon while they kill you leads to a tie, and other similar cases. (You can't lead an army with no soldiers!)
      • Both players receive +1 rank to add to any Pokémon used in battle. No Pokemon or lives are lost.
      • If the battle is left unconcluded, it is treated as a Tie, though no ranks are received.
      • If it is found that one player purposely avoided battling for this reason, they will receive a warning.

    New Mechanics

    • Buildings
      • Each night, a list of buildings will be for sale in the market. You can spend your coins to buy them.
      • Each building, when built in your Kingdom, will provide certain effects for your kingdom. The effect depends on the building. They may even contain free Pokemon.
      • When you eliminate a player, you will receive all buildings under their control.
      • All buildings are public knowledge.
    • Map
      • Unlike in past Kingdoms games, we will be using a map to determine player positions. Your Kingdom will be situated on a section of the map.
      • Under normal circumstances, you can only challenge players that are bordered by your kingdom.
      • Players with an exceptionally high number of borders will be able to close a certain number of borders, reducing the number of players that can challenge them.
      • Locations on the map will be determined later
    Player List

    1. double o squirtle - Dark - 1 lives
    2. Blakers - Dragon - 0 lives - Eliminated Day 3 - 9th
    3. simsands - Steel - 0 lives - Eliminated Day 5 - 4th
    4. Vracken - Ghost - 3 lives
    5. Keeper of Night - Bug - 0 lives - Eliminated Day 4 - 5th
    6. bbninjas - Poison - 0 lives - Eliminated Day 3 - 11th
    7. lord o da rings - Ice - 0 lives - Eliminated Day 2 - 14th
    8. Brave Vesperia - Fire - 0 lives - Eliminated Day 4 - 6th
    9. Reinforce - Ground - 0 lives - Eliminated Day 3 - 12th
    10. scattered mind - Water - 0 lives - Eliminated Day 3 - 8th
    11. TheNyanCatXD - Fighting - 0 lives - Dropped Night 2 - 13th
    12. rainyman123 - Flying - 0 lives - Eliminated Day 4 - 7th
    13. mirdo - Normal - 0 lives - Eliminated Day 3 - 10th
    14. Miatog - Fairy - 0 lives - Dropped Day 2 - 15th
    15. TheAnticipationEevee - Grass - 2 lives
    Day 4:
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  2. double o squirtle Guy that looks like a girl
    double o squirtle


    In with dark!
  3. Blakers In it to win it!


    In with Dragon!
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  4. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


    In with Steel (for now)!
  5. Vracken Trust me, I am not a Gengar ^w^

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    In with Ghost please ^w^
    Does Mega Evolving count for evolving?
  6. No.

    So something like Sableye can't be on your team.
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  7. bbninjas Squid or Kid?

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    I'm going to make a bit of room in my schedule, because this Kingdoms looks very interesting! /in with Poison
  8. Keeper of Night It's Always Cradily Day if You Believe
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    In with Steel.
    And ninja'd. Again.
    Gimmie Bug.
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  9. Lord o da rings Best Huntress
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    In with Ice!
  10. Brave Vesperia Head of Buy, Sell, & Trade.
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    In with Fire!
  11. In with Normal! (if I can)
    Edit: could I change to rock?
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  12. TheSceptileMaster Gastrodon ate my cake


    u.u I am in with Psychic, back again to lose in the first couple o days. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh please God Palutena may I please get help with a team from somebody not in the game
  13. Blakers In it to win it!


    Even though I'm in the game, I'd be happy to help!
  14. Reinforce Light has come to save you at last...



    ... I'm in with Ground.
  15. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
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    In with Water :)
  16. TheNyanCatXD The "Original" Dragon-Slaying Eeveelution!

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    In with Fighting!
  17. Cool question I was just asked.

    Q: If I pick a Pokemon with a branched evolution that evolves into a Pokemon of my type, am I supposed to pick that evolution of my type when I evolve it? (example: if I pick Fairy, am I required to evolve Kirlia into Gardevoir?)

    A: No. You are more than welcome to pick the other evolution.

    Also signups and Pokemon selections will close on the 11th. :)
  18. TheSceptileMaster Gastrodon ate my cake


  19. rainyman123 Shake my hand?


    In with flying i guess.
  20. Yup.

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