BW/BW2 I'm stuck in Pokemon Black...

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Mizugorou, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Mizugorou DIS IS MY USER TITLE!!!


    Hi! I hope that this is the right place to post this question. I'm really sorry if it isn't.

    I'm stuck in Pokemon Black. I got to Dragon Spiral Tower, and I saw Zekrom and N fly away (it is times like these when I wish I knew Japanese.) I think that they've gone to Kanawa Town, but I'm not too sure. Where do I go next, and how do I get to the next place(s) please?

    Thank you for reading this! :D

  2. KnightEdge112 Aspiring Trainer


    You have to travel into the desert and go to the Ancient Castle. I had trouble with this too but I found out what to do.
  3. Mizugorou DIS IS MY USER TITLE!!!


    Cool! Thanks so much for the help!

    :( Thats a shame that you had trouble with it too. Lets hope that we both don't have trouble again! :D
  4. Rotom479 Stuff Goes Here


    I should probably say that you have to go to Shippou City (2nd Gym) afterwards, then to that bridge that Team Plasma was blocking on Route 8 earlier.
  5. Shining Dragon Aspiring Trainer
    Shining Dragon


    You go to the ancient castle in the desert, that is for sure, good luck:)!
  6. Mizugorou DIS IS MY USER TITLE!!!


    Sorry, for the late reply, thanks so much for the help too Rotom479 and Extreme Pokemon Fan! You were all right! :D
  7. BeastOfBurden Isshu Leage Champion


    I had the exact same problem. Looked around for a few hours. finally resorted to Youtube. haha

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