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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Zamuron, Dec 4, 2017.

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    Im a little confused as to how you prepare for a tournament? I bought the tickets on a site called "tournamentcenter" that some of my friends suggested to me. I have payed but when I get to registration, then what? Some tips on other things would be nice too.

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    Oops. I made two threads accidentally.
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    Okay, I have not actually been in a tournament, but I asked people and they say, keep track of your stuff, go with someone else you like so you're not lonely, have you deck prepared and ready, know the rules because some may have weird rules. I think you also need a set of official Pokemon card sleeves for your deck.
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    To clarify re: card sleeves the only sleeves with a pattern on them that you can use are official Pokemon TCG card sleeves. Anime/video game/etc decorated sleeves are not allowed. Most players use plain sleeves with no designs on them like UltraPro sleeves. As long as all of your sleeves are the same color, size, condition, and texture (on the back) then you should be good to go.

    The official Pokemon website has a web PDF page that lists plenty of rules and regulations which you can find here: https://assets.pokemon.com//assets/...les/play-pokemon-tcg-rules-and-formats-en.pdf. It's worth skimming through the table of contents to see if anything catches your eye.
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    First of all, are you in TCG or VGC?
    Second of all, where is your tournament?
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    I’m playing in Malmö, and TCG.
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    List of things to bring with you.
    1. Poison, burned and gx marker.
    2. Decklist
    3. Deck with new sleeves
    4. Playmat if you have one
    5. Extra pack of sleeves
    6. Dice
    7. Water. Cant stress enough about having enough water.
    8. Food.
    9. Extra cards for last-minute changes.
    10. Extra basic energy cards for if you made a mistake in your decklist.
    11. Pen to write your match slips

    Extra information:
    You play at this venue:
    Amiralen Amiralsgatan 35
    214 37 Malmö
    If you are there on 8am on saturday, you’ll probably see a big line there where people are waiting. Just go stand in that line and wait till its your turn, than go to a tournament center guy with a computer. Just say your name there and he’ll check you in. After everyone has checked in, the playermeeting will commence. You see where you have to sit on the pairing boards. You go sit there and get your decklist ready. When the judges come to collect them, just give it to them. Soon after that the first will start, (go to the pairing boards to see your table number) and you can play now. More rounds are after that and if you’re on top 8, you’ll have to probably give your deck to the judges, and go to your hotel or if you live in that neighbourhood just go home. Go back to the venue the next day and play your last rounds.

    I hope you do well, and if you have any questions, just ask!

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