How come there's no Suicune EX?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by xGallade, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. xGallade Galladite


    Entei EX and Raikou EX made the cut into Dark Explorers, but why not Suicune?
    Was Suicune completely forgotten,will it come in future sets, OR was it Kyogre's fault ? :(

  2. Athena Envoy of Mediation

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    It will likely come out in a future set. in Japan, Entei EX and Raikou EX were released in the same set, but there isn't a Suicine EX in Japan yet at all.
  3. Furn Aspiring Trainer


    Because for some reason they apparently changed their minds about seemingly completing the beast trio, and instead wanted to cover as many "groups" as possible.
  4. GHJamesGH Retired Mod


    As none of us work for Pokemon, nobody knows the reason why they didn't make a Suicune EX. There isn't really any discussion for this :p
  5. EliGagerNorris Aspiring Trainer


    Tornadus EX, no Thundurus or Landorus EX.

    Terrakion EX, no Cobalion or Virizion EX.

    Entei and Raikou, no Suicune.

    Ho-Oh, no Lugia.

    Giritina, no Palkia or Dialga

    Rayquaza, no Deoxys.

    They are making tons of random EXs, but I assume that they will make the others eventually.
  6. ^ Right there. It's all for marketing. It'll make collectors buy the newer sets so they can get those cards. (I really hope they make a Suicune EX. He's my favorite Beast!)
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    Because making sense isn't cool in the Pokémon world.
  8. Brave Vesperia Head of Buy, Sell, & Trade.
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    PCL hates Suicune!

    I honestly don't know, right now it seems like they hate making a whole Trio appear in 1 set. For example use EliGagerNorris's post. Hopefully Suicune EX can top Raikou EX (all previous Suicune cards have always been better than all the previous Raikou cards), but I don't know if thats possible, Raikou EX is a really, really great card, IMO.
  9. Vulpix Yolk the premise is that I am in the future
    Vulpix Yolk


    I'm guessing that Suicune will come out in a later set or be released as a promo at some point. I'd bet on the promo thing. It's kinda like how there was a FA Thundurus and FA Tornadus in Emerging Powers, but no Landorus. FA Landorus is now a promo. I'm guessing the same thing will happen to Suicune sometime in the near future.
  10. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    It seems they decided to randomly choose which legendaries are going to be in the sets... They have always release them together as duos and trios and now it feels weird but I believe all of them will be eventually released as EXs until BW is over...
  11. Blui mentos - the freshmaker


    Giratina was singular from Palkia & Dialga, but they should get EXs
    And the only relation of Doxys and Rayquaza is their rivalry, they aren't a duo. Rayquaza is part of the weather trio
  12. Glace Top 8, Worlds 2013

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