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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Shining Raikou, Apr 14, 2015.

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    That would be because you're using PokeBeach to host the banner images, which is not a reliable method of hosting. The banner in your signature at the moment is not working, for example, and would you right-click to open a new tab, you will find that the image doesn't exist anymore. It either would have been deleted accidentally from the thread where it was initially posted by yourself, or deleted by the server via some automatic clean-up process. Instead of hosting on PokeBeach, I would recommend using a free and reliable hosting service such as imgur.com.

    Models of megas and alternate forms of Pokemon can be retrieved from the server by writing out the full name of the Pokemon, with a "dash" (-) instead of spaces. For megas, add the text "-mega" after the name of the Pokemon you're looking to retrieve. Here's a few examples:

    [model]absol-mega[/model] [model]hoopa-unbound[/model]

    Unfortunately, shiny models are not compatible with the [model] syntax at this time. However, you can still manually retrieve them yourself by visiting this directory, and by following these instructions:

    1. Use ctrl+f (or cmnd+f) to find the Pokemon of which you'd like a shiny model.
    2. Right click the .gif link and choose "copy link address".
    3. Click the "Insert Image" button on a post editor on PokeBeach (that is, the image between the smiley-face and the film strips) and paste into that image popup the .gif link that you copied. (Alternatively, you could just write the following code: [image][/image].)

    Hope that can be of help!

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    Thanks! That's very helpful! :)

    Something I just realized: I can't paste into comment boxes. Is this a known problem or a bug on my end?
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    That is a known problem, although we don't know exactly what's causing it as pasting sometimes will work, and sometimes will not. The work-around for when you encounter this problem is to use the "BBcode Editor", which can be accessed by clicking that button in your comment box at the top-right, depicting paper with a spanner on it. You will be able to paste absolutely fine in there.
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    Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could explain how I can use the "Deck Editor" feature? I tried it out, but from what I saw, it could only provide links (at least, that is what I think they were) for cards before SUM (so Choice Band, Field Blower, etc. did not show up when I typed in their name). Also, when I typed in the supporter N, I don't think the system recognized it as a full word and said that I was three cards short even though I counted it numerous times to confirm it was 60. Is it something on my end, or is something in the process of being worked on? Let me know what you think, thanks!
  5. Super random question - how does one get the "Elite Member" banner? What distinguishes that one from the "Advanced Member" one?
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    "Elite Member" banners are currently given out to members who have made 10 000 or more posts on the forums, where "Advanced Member" banners are given out to members who have made 5 000 or more posts. "Advanced Member" banners are also currently given out to members who are premium subscribers.
  7. Thanks dude - I’ve got work to do then lol

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