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Garchomp/Altaria deck (BW-on)

Discussion in 'Deck Garage' started by Flys Gone 2071, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Flys Gone 2071 Also known as Flygon2071
    Flys Gone 2071


    This is for an upcoming deck.

    Pokemon 19:

    4-3-4 Garchomp (Gible and Gabite from Garchomp half-deck. Garchomp from Dragon Blade)
    4-3 Altaria (Dragon Blade 36)
    3 Emolga (Dragon Blade)
    1 Rayquaza (Dragons Exalted)

    Trainers 27:

    3 Rare Candies
    3 Communication
    4 Level Ball
    4 Catcher
    2 Super Rod
    2 Juniper
    4 N
    3 Bianca
    2 Cheren

    Energies 11:

    {F} 7
    Blend {W} {L} {F} {M} 4


    Rayquaza – Dragon – HP120
    Basic Pokemon

    [L] Dragon Pulse: 40 damage. Discard 2 cards from the top of your deck.
    [R][L][C] Tear Through: 90 damage. This attack’s damage isn’t affected by any effects on the Defending Pokemon.

    Weakness: Dragon (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 3

    Swablu – Colorless – HP40
    Basic Pokemon

    [C] Sing: The Defending Pokemon is now Asleep.
    [C][C] Peck: 20 damage.

    Weakness: Lightning (x2)
    Resistance: Fighting (-20)
    Retreat: 1

    Altaria – Dragon – HP70
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Swablu

    Ability: Battle Song
    As long as this Pokemon is in play, your Dragon-type Pokemon’s attacks do an additional 20 damage to any Active Pokemon.

    [W][M][C] Glide: 40 damage.

    Weakness: Dragon (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1

    Gible – Dragon – HP60
    Basic Pokemon

    [F] Sand Attack: If the Defending Pokemon tries to attack during your opponent’s next turn, your opponent flips a coin. If tails, that attack does nothing.
    [W][C] Knock Away: 10+ damage. Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 20 more damage.

    Weakness: Dragon (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1

    Gabite – Dragon – HP80
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Gible

    Ability: Dragon Call
    Choose 1 Dragon-type Pokemon card from your deck, show it to your opponent, and put it in your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward. You can use this Ability 1 time during your turn.

    [W][F] Dragon Slice: 20 damage.

    Weakness: Dragon (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1

    Garchomp – Dragon – HP140
    Stage 2- Evolves from Gabite

    [F] Sonic Cutter: 60 damage. Discard a Special Energy attached to the Defending Pokemon.
    [W][F] Dragon Blade: 100 damage. Discard the top 2 cards from your deck.

    Weakness: Dragon (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1

    Blend Energy WLFM – Special Energy

    This card provides 1 [C] Energy. As long as this card is attached to a Pokemon, it provides either [W], [L], [F], or [M] Energy, but only 1 Energy at a time.

    The strategy is to use Altaria's ability to power up Garchomp's attack. Gabite helps me search for Garchomp, Altaria or another Gabite. Use Terrakion for when a pokemon gets KO. Level Ball to look for Altaria, Rare Candy to get Garchomp Faster.

  2. RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion/TerrakionEX

    Not sure if you get this but the point of the deck is to attack cheaply and powerfully with Garchomp. 2 Altaria is not going to do.
    The line should be 4-4. Not sure if Terrakion should be in this deck at all. Idk. You have way too many energy and way to little search and draw.
    Energy line should be: 4 Blend, 6 Fighting at most if you don't run Terrakion. Maybe be bumped to 8 Fighting if you run those Terrakions. Need at least 13 Supporters/Receiver. 4 Emolga that has Call for family would be good as well. I would just ditch Terrakions but keep the energy at 4 Blend and 7 Fighting bcuz Emolga. Probably should have 4 lv. Ball & 4 communication too. Hope I helped!
    EDIT: You're welcome for bumping this :p
  3. Mudkip711 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion/TerrakionEX

    The winning decklist in Japan is playing 3-3. Altaria does an extra 20 damage so you only need 2 in play at a time to OHKO any Dragon.



    You definitely don't want any Terrakion in this deck because you shouldn't be attacking with them anyway. They take 2 turns to set up which kills the point of this deck. You also don't need basic Water in this deck. You should be attacking with Garchomp's first attack with Altaria in play.

    If you want the list from Japan just PM me and I'll answer any questions you have about it.
  4. RogueChomp Team DBT


    RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion/TerrakionEX

    Drop water energies. Unnecessary and you have blends. Terrakion only works if you have EXP shares and it is a great card in here actually. I run 2-2 EXP share and Terrakion and its not messing with anything.
  5. RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion/TerrakionEX

    (In reply to Mudkip711)I still think 4-4 would be better though just my opinion because what if you want to KO things other than Dragons, like, say gee idk, maybe everything meta? Yes, thank you for copying what I said about cutting Terrak and Water. In all seriousness though, yeah, Sinnoh_Champion_Ernesto, cut those.
    (In reply to RogueChomp) I would not waste space with Terrakion/Exp. Shares. 4-3-4 Garchomp? I'm interested in hearing that explanation. Besides those you have great suggestions.
  6. RogueChomp Team DBT


    RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion/TerrakionEX

    - Eviliolites and RHs for Biancas. Add another catcher and super rod. drop a candy and ultra ball for level ball and something else I said. Level ball technically searches everything in your deck out other than Terrakion. (Level ball for Gabite, Swablu, Gabite searches for anything else.
  7. RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion/TerrakionEX

    Ok, as everyone has been saying, you've got too many useless stuff and not enough useful stuff. Less energy, no Terrakion, and more Altaria are some of the major things.

    - 2 Terrakion (I've tested this. It doesn't work. There's no bench space and it's better to swarm Garchomps anyway.)
    - 1 Terrakion EX (Same as above. Energy acceleration is also useless in this deck.)
    - 3 Fighting Energy (Wayyyyy to much for an attacker that requires 1 energy.)
    - 4 Water (Blend does the job perfectly fine. Your often not going to need Dragon Blade anyway.)
    - 1 Rare Candy (4 Rare candy is unnecessary, it's often better to set up Gabites anyway.)
    - 3 Random Reciever (More supporters is just better since there's no way to get these back from the discard.)
    - 1 Eviolite (Useless now without the Terrakions)
    - 2 Rocky Helmet (Garchomp Two-hit KO's pretty much everything, and Rocky helmet doesn't give you a lot more KO's)
    - 1 Heavy Ball (This does nothing without Terrakion)

    Total: -18

    Alright, now that I've cut out a third of your deck, here's what you should add:

    + 1 Gabite (This is the whole purpose of this deck. Three Dragon Calls T2 is what makes this deck so powerful.)
    + 1 Altaria (2 is unreliable)
    + 1 Rayquaza (Why? Because it's a great late game attacker when you run out of Garchomps and because it's fantastic in the mirror.)
    + 2 Emolga (NEED...BASIC....SEARCH)
    + 1 Level Ball (To get those Gabites going ASAP)
    + 1 Catcher (Every deck needs to run 4 of these. You're done for against Hydreigon if you don't.)
    + 1 Super Rod (To make sure you can get late-game Garchomps.)
    + 1 N (Hand refresh is crucial, every deck should run 4)
    + 3 Bianca (You're in desperate need of more draw, and Bianca is great for doing that)
    + 2 Cheren (Again, more draw)
    + 2 Switch (Makes it easier to get the T1 Emolga)
    + 2 Blend Energy (To let you use Dragon Blade)
  8. CFOURCOLTSFAN Aspiring Trainer


    RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion/TerrakionEX

    4 bianca over the 2nd Cheren, bianca is just better off of a late game N.
    I'd also reccommend taking out a fighting and a water for the 3rd and 4th blend energies b/c that makes it easier to attack w/ rayquaza and it gives you "more" of each type of your main energy as well(more opportunities to hit them)
  9. RogueChomp Team DBT


    RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion/TerrakionEX

    Wow. U just made the list into the one that did great in Japan.
  10. RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion/TerrakionEX

    I did make it similar, yes. My purpose was to explain why those things should be in the deck instead of what his list had. There are some changes I made though, including leaving the Ultra Ball. Most of what I changed was also based on my testing and not the Nats list.
  11. Flys Gone 2071 Also known as Flygon2071
    Flys Gone 2071


    RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion/TerrakionEX

    Thanks everyone. I cut down the water energies but terrakion is just a preference. For zekeels and darkrai. I add the XP share to power it better. Didn't get the space for emolga when I find it I add it. Thanks:)

    Added Rayquaza. Help me get emolga without taking down terrakion
  12. RogueChomp Team DBT


    RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion/TerrakionEX

    The list is lookin ALOT better. Still, drop Heavy ball for Super Rod. Super Rod is a necessary 2-of card in Garchomp/Altaria to keep streaming Chomps. Ultra Ball searches out Terrakion anyways.
  13. Cake101 ______________________________________


    RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion deck (BW-on)

    You realize you cant use rayquaza's attack?
  14. Flys Gone 2071 Also known as Flygon2071
    Flys Gone 2071


    RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion deck (BW-on)

    There is the blend energy
  15. Milky 4 Mewtwo 4 Revive 48 Energy 4 DCE


    RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion deck (BW-on)

    Why are you running RayRay with no switch. You do realize that it has 3 retreat.

    Anyway, your energy line is too inconsistent. 9 Fighting, 4-5 Water.
  16. JuStuPro Aspiring Trainer


    RE: Garchomp/Altaria/Terrakion deck (BW-on)

    I think the same way, because there is even with the Blend Energies no Fire Energy, so that you could only use it's crappy first attack, which would mean discarding two from your deck for 40... this can't be meant as the great late game attacker Rayquaza was called, it isn't even good in the beginning, and even less with a deck that normally can't afford to discard 4 cards for a Emolga kill T2 it could also get through an early Garchomp...
    If I am wrong then please tell me what exactly Rayquaza can do better than Garchomp and I would be happy ^^
    Oh and I think that Pokemon Communication is better in a format without Junk Arm then Ultra Ball, especially if you have that many Pokémon...
    And I would think about using the Emolga from BW5, just because you really want some help in Set Up. I would put out the two Terrakion for it, or one Terrakion and one Rayquaza...
    So i would suggest:
    - 1 Terrakion
    - 1 Rayquaza (or the second Terrakion)
    - 2 Great Ball

    + 2 Emolga BW5
    + 2 Pokemon Communication
    --> just a suggestion, but my testings told me that these two cards work great in here...

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