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  1. boneclub24 Aspiring Trainer


    Is it just me, or is Ferrothorn a completely nuts Pokemon?

  2. safariblade Graphic Designer

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    What do you mean?
    That by itself is an opinion.
  3. Emperor_Gaius Formerly mlouden03


    it's stats aren't that good..and fire 1hko's it ALWAYS (yay times 4 weakness lol). overall it's fun, but probably UU/NU (don't quote me on it, I'm guessing)
  4. safariblade Graphic Designer

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    Ferrothorn is definitely OU. It's a great entry hazard set up pokemon dispute the weakness to fire. Scizor and foretress also have the x4 fire weakness, but they all still show up in OU haha.
  5. Emperor_Gaius Formerly mlouden03


    sorry. Bear in mind I never do tiered play XD

    I like the fun typing though. Grass is more fun than pure steel
  6. miniman It's Blissey Time


    I love Ferrothorn. Sets up Spikes & SR, great defencive stats, great typing (with the exception of the x4 Fire weakness). Also has great sync with Jellicent, covers each others weakness and servers as a spin blocker that can ruin all the hard work to set up.
  7. Fridge Indie 'Choo's just too cool.


    Ferrothorn has plenty of advantages over forry including power whip, an electricity resistance, rock resistance, iron barbs, better spd and attack than forry and others too. This guy features on almost every team I've seen. How can it not be OU?
  8. Inigo Montoya Hatman/Imakuni?/Not Not-TDL
    Inigo Montoya


    Dude, this thing is 2nd place in usage in the DW Tier on Pokemon Online, only Chandelure surpasses it. In the Wifi Tier he IS the number one in usage, and by a fair amount too. I see the thing on nearly every other team. This thing is DEFINATLY not UU, not even BL. It can switch in on a Latios' Draco Meteor no problem, and if you predict right, you can force a switch into something and switch the same turn to counter their counter :p
  9. PDC The PDC Show comes to an abrupt end...


    Amazing typing, great overall stats, and quite a well rounded support movepool give Ferrothorn the ability to preform well on both offensive and defensive teams. This is top tier material, although it may not seem like it on first glance.
  10. BlueEyedSteelix Steelix Bait


    Is Ferrothorn a good lead, or is it more of a wall/counter?
  11. Juliacoolo Always happy to talk! Send me a message :)

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    It can serve as both, BlueEyedSteelix. You'll see it as a wall, or utility much more than as a lead however.
  12. BlueEyedSteelix Steelix Bait


    Thanks for the reply, Juliacoolo. I'm thinking of using Ferrothorn as a utility for my team. I'm not completely sure how it's going to fit, though...
  13. Hyperion64 Aspiring Trainer


    Ferrothorn is quite a competent pokemon. It can stall, fight, and support. And contrary to common belief, it is not OHKOd by most fire moves (proof: my quiet jellicent with max sp ark EVs could not KO it with HP fire).
  14. boneclub24 Aspiring Trainer


    The only thing I was able to OHKO a Ferrothorn with was an Infernape who had gotten off with a Nasty Plot. Even then, he was probably just a bad player for not switching out :(
  15. 47bennyg Acually am Dolan


    Ferrothorn or Forretress? They serve similar roles with similar weaknesses, but are there specific situations where one should be used over the other?

  16. PMJ :[

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    cp from other thread

    The reason people compare Ferrothorn to Forretress is because they're both commonly used as spikers. The reality is they're two completely different Pokemon who just happen to share a type, a couple moves, and a double weakness to Fire, which is irrelevant because that's what you've got five other Pokemon for.

    One of the biggest things separating Ferrothorn from Forretress is his resistances. Forretress has a welcome Ice resistance, while Ferrothorn has extremely valuable resistances to both Water and Electric, which are arguably more important resistances to have.

    When you look past the fact that they can both learn Spikes and Stealth Rock, you'll find that they fulfill vastly different roles. For a purely supportive role, Forretress is superior due to access to Rapid Spin and Toxic Spikes. He also has slightly better physical defense than Ferrothorn.

    In every other aspect, Ferrothorn wins; his Attack stat is slightly higher and he's literally twice as slow as Forretress, making it easier to get 150 BP Gyro Balls. He has almost twice Forretress's Special Defense (116 vs. 60), which makes Ferrothorn better at absorbing Hydro Pump and Draco Meteor than Forretress could ever dream of due to almost identical HP stats. The fact that he takes neutral damage from Ice is almost a non-issue due to the base stat difference. With investment, making Ferrothorn shrug off Ice Beams is easy.

    Unlike Forretress, who is widely seen as setup bait, Ferrothorn can put pressure on the opponent with access to Curse, Leech Seed, Thunder Wave, Worry Seed, Swords Dance, and Power Whip; the latter of which is very important because it gives Ferrothorn an alternate and powerful STAB option, something Forretress doesn't have (lol Bug Bite).

    If you put Ferrothorn on your team, play to his strengths. He can function as a spiker, but only if your team needs his valuable resistances. People use him the same way they would Forretress only to find that - surprise - he sucks. Ferrothorn actually gets set up on by Forretress because Forretress can spin away anything Ferrothorn throws at him while resisting both of Ferrothorn's STABs (Grass 2x), which should go to show you who is king of pure support.

    In a nutshell, use Forretress for defensive support and use Ferrothorn for offensive support.
  17. PDC The PDC Show comes to an abrupt end...


    Another huge asset to Ferrothorn is that he can play as a quite decent Choice Bander. Albeit overshadowed quite often due to what many people claim "Not a fit role." he is quite capable of running this set. Using it's slowness to have an amazingly powerful Gyro Ball combined with quite a large attack boost from Choice Band is surprisingly dangerous. Here are some damage calcs from an analysis showing how much it can really do.

    Gyro Ball vs. 4/0 Garchomp: 94.1% - 110.9%</li>
    Gyro Ball (-1) vs. 0/0 Salamence: 77.9% - 91.8%</li>
    Gyro Ball vs. 4/0 Thundurus: 72% - 84.7%</li>
    Gyro Ball vs. 252/4 Deoxys-S: 115.5% - 136.2%</li>
    Gyro Ball vs. 252/184+ Gliscor: 58.8% - 69.5%</li>
    Power Whip vs. 4/0 Excadrill: 107.73% - 126.80%</li>
    Power Whip vs. 252/0 Conkeldurr: 65.2% - 76.8%</li>
    Power Whip vs. 192/64 Reuniclus: 73.6% - 86.8%</li>
    Power Whip vs. 252/252+ Reuniclus: 52.6% - 62.3%</li>
    Power Whip vs. 252/252+ Suicune: 83.7% - 98.5%</li>
    Power Whip vs. 252/252+ Hippowdon: 79% - 93.3%</li>
    Level Ground vs. 4/0 Heatran: 69.1% - 81.5%</li>
    Level Ground vs. 40/0 Magnezone: 70.1% - 83.8%</li>
    Explosion vs. 192/64 Zapdos: 80.8% - 95.1%</li>

    Although you still may say it lacks a bit of power, you are completly wrong. The ability to retain great bulk and still have decent power is fantastic. It can even 2HKO Reunicleus. This is why it is simply an amazing high tier Pokemon.
  18. HaxorusBeast I'M A BEAST


    My Ferrothorn learned thunder some how and I didn't breed it or cheat
  19. BananaCorn I don't exist


    I think Ferrothorn is better than Forretress because it can do something other than explode once it has set up.

    And, It takes a surprising amount of non-STAB fire attacks quite well.
  20. JacobeTheElf Future Marine and hopeful Army Ranger


    Ferrothorn can learn Thunder (and Thunderbolt; T-Wave) by TM's. But I would suggest getting rid of Thunder because Ferrothorn's SpA, well, sucks.

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