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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Redcubone02, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Redcubone02 Aspiring Trainer


    I built passimian ages ago and dont really know the expanded format very well. I was wondering if passimian would do well in expanded at all because of the many fighting and psychic weak pokemon. Also what cards would you include?

  2. woahaustin Prince of SD

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    I mean in theory it has strong advantages on paper. Solid typing, single prize attacker, single energy attachment, etc. if I were to attempt it in expanded, I'd run a zoroark gx line
  3. Fayld Rayquaza / Eelektross Master


    No. It suffers from the same issues that most decks like this suffer from. What happens when you don't hit the right typing or get unfortunate prizes? Basically, you lose. The deck itself is capable of winning games. It isn't really capable of running through a league cup / regional. Basically, it is the worse version of decks like Night March, Gyarados, and even the old Round decks. Add in that a lot of decks run things like Sudowoodo / Alolan Muk and this deck is DOA in a tournament setting.
  4. ItaloReis Aspiring Trainer


    I Like the Passimian deck with mew, in the format expanded is better with oranguru and shaymin (just one), with shield field (play shaymin on bench with stadium and after field blower). acrobikes, trainers mail, ultra balls, the deck move fast and attacks fast, 1 prize. 130 damage on first turn, if you are a second player; a like the deck

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