Decks That Do Not Utilize Shaymin-EX

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by PatriciaWagon22, May 10, 2016.

  1. PatriciaWagon22 Aspiring Trainer


    Hello, I am in a bit of a delima, besides the Flash Flood Warning, I don't have any other good decks to play with, why? I do not have a Shaymin-EX from ROS. and I wish not to buy it at the price it's at now or try to pull it. I was wanting to make a Chesnaught BREAK Deck, a Delphox BREAK deck, and a Greninja BREAK deck, all WITHOUT Shaymin-EX. If you can post potential deck lists to me as replies, I'd be really greatful.

  2. Scubasage Aspiring Trainer


    Delphox and Greninja BREAK can both be built without Shaymin and not suffer too badly for it. Delphox has Delphox XY which literally is Shaymin every turn. Likewise, Greninja has Octillery, which is Shaymin every turn but with 1 less card drawn.
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    Keep in mind that Shaymin EX provides a nifty alternative card-draw support. If you run an extra card-draw Supporter as a replacement, you may not ever miss having a Shaymin EX in your deck. True, it is a great card to utilize in any deck, but not absolutely critical in every deck. Plus, you will not have the 2-prize target/liability inherent to a Shaymin EX either when it is excluded from your deck...

    Following is a link to a Delphox BREAK deck listed in the Deck Garage Forum for your review and consideration:

    Replacing the current 2 Shaymin EX with other attackers (e.g., Entei) and/or card-draw support would not diminish the deck's effectiveness a great deal, IMO, since Delphox (XY) can be used for card draw support too.

    Following is an initial draft of a Chesnaught BREAK deck without Shaymin EX for your consideration:

    2 Ariados
    3 Chesnaught BREAK
    3 Chesnaught (BKT)
    4 Chespin (XY)
    3 Quilladin (XY)
    2 Sceptile EX
    2 Spinarak

    1 AZ / Cassius
    1 Escape Rope
    4 Forest of Giant Plants
    4 Level Ball
    1 Lysandre
    2 N
    4 Professor Birch's Observations / Shauna / Tierno
    4 Professor Sycamore
    4 Ultra Ball
    4 VS Seeker

    4 DC
    8 G

    I hope you find these comments helpful.
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  5. PatriciaWagon22 Aspiring Trainer


    I want a Delphox BREAK deck wihout Shaymin-EX and without any EXs, please.
  6. homeofmew PokéBeach's Mathematician

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    the best way to no play any EXs is with Greninja (XY), and Greninja Break with Octillery.
    You also play it with Dive Ball to get all your water pokemon out.
  7. Otaku The wise fool?


    Just further explaining the deck for those that aren't familiar with it.

    Most builds split between Greninja (XY 41/146) and Greninja (XY: BREAKpoint 40/122). I haven't run it yet myself, but I've faced it several times and it has done reasonably well in competitive play. The older Greninja, its "Water Shuriken" Ability, and "Mist Slash" atack seemed like a natural compliment to Greninja BREAK and its "Giant Water Shuriken" Ability, but the newer Greninja has a free Retreat Cost with the attacks "Shadow Stitching" and "Moonlight Slash". Giant Water Shuriken can only be used while a Greninja BREAK is Active, so that free Retreat Cost allows you to just use your manual retreat for the turn to pull off two. Mist Slash is a handy enough attack since it ignores all effects (plus Weakness/Resistance) on the Defending Pokémon so Greninja BREAK can punch through protective effects but it only hits hard enough to finish off something the Abilities have already significantly injured. Shadow Stitching does less damage than even Mist Slash but since it shuts down your opponent's Abilities until the end of your opponent's next turn and still only costs a single Energy, it ends up being perhaps the most important attack in the deck. Moonlight Slash is still a single Energy attach but can do better damage than the other two, so when you just need raw damage, its great!

    The tricky thing about this deck, from what I have experienced and have had players of it share, is that you have to accept you'll fall behind early game. It takes a few turns to set up, but once it gets going (especially against things vulnerable to damage spread) it will rapidly catch up. Against something like Night March (again, vulnerable to damage spread) that has several low HP Pokémon and/or may be relying on Abilities, you can achieve rapid swings, taking two or three KOs in a single turn.
  8. 21times Aspiring Trainer


    You are smart not to play Shaymin EX. I use the combination of vs seeker, Lysandre, and target whistle all the time for 4 quick and easy prize cards.
  9. Otaku The wise fool?


    Except for a lot of the competitive metagame, you have to deal with
    • Item lock blocking the first part of the combo, possibly the second
    • Ignoring your opponent's offense, which might devastate your field before this leads to a win
    If someone can build a deck that can keep up without Shaymin-EX, yeah they will have a huge advantage. However not using it currently leaves most decks struggling to keep up with the ones that do.
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  10. PatriciaWagon22 Aspiring Trainer


    IS there a simple but effective Mega Gardevoir EX deck I can make without Shaymin?

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