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dark of the moon(absol/t-tar/darcelia legend)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by mrwillster, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. mrwillster Accelgor will be my salvation.


    i recently opened a few triumphant pack and pulled another darkria creselia legend. so i got to thinking, wat match up would be the best usage pairing to make it work. i was thinkin mayb like take advantage of DCL lost zone effect thingy but it seems to hard to get the energy to do so. so i decided to focus and the psychic attack. this is wat i came up with:

    19 pokemon

    4 absol prime
    2-2-2 T-tar prime(larvitar50/96, pupitar 38/96,both are unleashed)
    2-2 Darkria Cresselia Legend
    3 cleffa

    26 T/S/S

    2 juniper
    2 PONT
    2 PENT
    3 pokemon collecter
    4 pokemon communication
    4 seeker
    2 energy exchanger
    2 rare candy
    3 switch
    2 legend box

    4 special {D}
    3 regular {D}
    4 {P}
    2 rainbow energy

    the strategy is to begin with cleffa or absol as ur active, putting energy on absol or t tar depending opon what you have out and stack lots of damge on ur opponents pokemon(preferably benched.) after there is sufficent damage on ur opponents side, bring out DCL and move the damage around with the psycic attack. as simple as that

  2. killstars Flavs :D


    mandibuzz for snipe,

    cleffa get a easy k.o. in t-tar attack, use or t-tar or cleffa.

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