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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Lord o da rings, Feb 17, 2017.

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    I will go as far to say that Thor: Ragnarok was definitely one of the funnest Marvel films I've ever seen in my life, and then some.

    I don't want to spoil to much here, but like all the other successful films it is very informative on a specific character/group of characters that is important to the main storyline. It is a must-watch if you've kept up with all the Avenger films. And for comic nerds like me, it remained fairly consistent with the actual story and presented it in a creative way. Ragnarok is a real gem, to say the least.
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    Unfortunately I don't share that sentiment. It is better than the other Thor movies, but as far as I am concerned it is a low bar haha. My biggest issue with it is the unfortunate over annoyance of the Kiwi actor dubbed "Irritating Rock Guy" and the imo poor characterization of the Valkyrie, and finally, the super beatdown that has become a common trait of super hero movies is still wearing thin on me.

    I wont get into too many details for obvious reasons, but the new Saw movie wasn't too bad, though like some of the "recent" ones, it has some questionable aspects to it.

    Hoping to finally get around to seeing Dunkirk soon, and otherwise holding out on The Last Jedi.
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    Well I've seen two movies recently, I want to talk about both of them.

    So last weekend, I went to go see 'Murder on the Orient Express', which was a really good murder mystery movie. I figured I would like it since I'm addicted to games like Mafia and Town of Salem these days, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. The entire story was really well told, and for me never having read the book, the resolve was just as shocking. I loved everything about this movie, [10/10, Loved].

    And just yesterday I went to go see 'Justice League', which was okay. Not enough backstory was provided for people like The Flash and Aquaman, and it made it hard to understand them. The plot wasn't great, the villain was so puny it made it made me cringe, and there were a lot of things that weren't explained very carefully and left a lot (too much) to the imagination. I'll give it a [6/10, Meh] since the fight scenes were still really good.
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    I agree. The movie felt too rushed and made it look like DC are sweating in the attempt to get to where Marvel is. I also find the Flash character a way too obvious copy of MCU's Spiderman.
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    I actually thought Justice League was alright but I agree with you on the Flash. Should have just used the one from the TV series.
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    Let's face it. Justice League was a failed attempt at getting in on some of Marvel's popularity.
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    You thought I wasn't gonna review what's basically the movie of the year? Wrong, super duper wrong.

    I went to go see 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' this evening with some friends, and I was super impressed. The story was well told and didn't resemble Empire (Episode V) in many of the ways I expected it to. There were a lot of cheesy lines meant to be jokes (Disney's doing), many nods to the original trilogy to milk nostalgia money from older fans, as well as a well told and complicated story that had me constantly guessing and gasping. There were multiple scenes that left my mouth agape, and the movie was both exciting, thrilling, and it was able to put you on the edge of your seat with ease. I'm not gonna go into detail because I'd spoil the entire movie, but this is a must see for sure [10/10, Loved].
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    I also saw The Last Jedi recently (Thursday, for a special fan event). I'm more or less echoing @Lord o da rings at this point, but it was fantastic. I only really have one complaint, but it's minor and spoilery, so I won't say it.
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    I recently saw The Last Jedi, and I keep on teetering between loving it and also not being hugely impressed with it at the same time. (I'm seeing it again in a couple of days so hopefully I'll manage to make my mind up). However, there were two parts of the film that I kind of feel a bit let down by, although one is a major spoiler and the other one is also a somewhat big spoiler so I'm not gonna say anything. I'd give it an 8/10.
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    While everyone is obsessing over The Last Jedi, I got a chance to watch Darkest Hour, which came out last month. In short, it's a drama film (not a documentary) about Winston Churchill and how he saved England. And it's much better than I'm giving it credit here. They got everything down, from Churchill's personality to the way he was presented as a public figure. And no joke, the movie makes it easy to draw a parallel to Donald Trump. At least, it did for me. Having read the book a couple times, I can truly say they've outdone themselves. Awesome, detailed movie. [10/10, would recommend]
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  12. I saw Last Jedi, Honestly kinda split. Be warned this review will contain full spoilers, and will not be structured like my regular reviews, and will be more of a rant than anything

    This movie really isn't that great. The movie had some of the best action scenes a Star Wars movie has ever had, and the death of Snoke was one of the most shocking twists in the entire movie, especially at the hands of Kylo Ren of all people. But that takes up very little time and what the main movie consists of is one of the most bland, and worthless chapters in the Star Wars series. Basically everything that happens within the first hour it utterly useless. So the movie starts out with a space battle leading to the First Order chasing down the Resistance, and then they get trapped in hyper space, so they need a code breaker to disable a thing on board the Resistance ship, also Finn isn't in a coma anymore so he goes with some throwaway character with BB-8, they don't even find the code breaker, but they pick some random dude up in prison when they get arrested for landing their shuttle on a beach, then there was a thing with some animals, they gave a little boy a ring, also Leia goes into a coma during a space battle, Poe acts mean to the new commander, blah blah blah, Rey tries to get Luke to come back, and then leaves, then Yoda appears as a force ghost because then he destroys. You might notice how I'm skimming over all of this, that's because everything is meaningless. The code breaker turns in Finn and throwaway character, Leia wakes up and then they start using the escape shuttles or something to leave (I was on my phone for this first part, forgive me) and then stuff blew up, Kylo captured Rey, and then Snoke and Phasma died, the blue lightsaber got snapped in half by Kylo and Reyeveryone ended up on some planet where there was salt everywhere... Speaking of salt:

    Luke Skywalker had the most wasted role in the entire movie. He shows up, he isn't even really there, it's like an alive force ghost, and I don't know how Kylo doesn't notice:
    1. Luke isn't leaving footprints
    2. He's just as young as he was a decade or more earlier
    Oh, and then he dies.

    This movie remains one of my favorite Star Wars movies, yet one of my least favorite at the same time... I have no idea how to feel about it. Also I got so angry, because at the end they basically set up the next trilogy with the same boy that Finn and throwaway character gave a ring

    All around alternating between "Love it" and "Hate it" so I give it a 4-7.8/10
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  13. I ended up quitting on Justice League and played on my phone for the rest of the movie
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    I watched The Last Jedi on Tuesday and thought it was pretty good. One scene could have been made a bit shorter, but that is my only complaint.
  15. Lord o da rings


    So I still consider this current since it was released less than a year ago, but here we go...

    I found myself watching 'Baywatch' of all things last night. Hilarious movie, obviously a parody of the original. Many inappropriate jokes, lewd scenes, etc. Not recommended if you can't take some... very odd moments in a movie, but otherwise watch it, I was rolling the entire time. [7.5/10, Liked].

    I'm beyond excited to see 'Black Panther' next month! I've got my seats reserved and my Black Panther T-Shirt ready for it. Anyone else hyped for it?

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    I am looking forward to Black Panther, though my main youtube reviewer didn't like the trailer. I, as always, avoided the trailer, but it does have me a tad concerned about the movie.

    I watched Dunkirk recently. It was interesting, certainly felt cinematic, but it also felt somewhat lacking. I like how a number of things went unsaid, and it was certainly a beautiful movie, though I don't think it lived up to the hype that people had for it once upon a time.

    I also watched Sully, which was another semi historical movie (though quite a recent event really, just reminded me of the style). Has one of the best mic drop moments, though when a movie like that portrays the investigators as bad guys like that, it makes me question the events a decent bit, cause they were people doing their jobs, but it made them look like meanies :/

    Also rewatched The Force Awakens. Less said about it the better imo.
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    Watched the Greatest Showman, under the recommendation of a friend (for whatever reason the kids in my school are so hyped about that movie), and I wasn't disappointed. Must-watch for fans of La La Land.
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    I'm beyond excited for Black Panther. From what I've seen of the trailers, it looks pretty amazing.

    As soon as I can, I plan to go and see Jumanji or Insidious: The Last Key. I got 90$ worth of movie money for Christmas, and it's burnin' a hole in my wallet. :D
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    You haven't seen Jumanji yet? Watch that first!
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    I've been so busy with work x.x I don't work till 11pm tonight (Monday), so I'm gonna try to go. Possibly tomorrow, too, on cheap night, since I don't work at all.
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