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Discussion in 'VG Competitive Play' started by Cortel II, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Cortel II I am the Doom master
    Cortel II


    So I plan on using agislash as a physical sweeper in my gen VI team this will be the first year I will be playing competitively so I'm new to it entirely.

    I'm trying to decide if it's better to go with brave nature and max out EV ark/Hp or relaxed and max out def/hp EV. Move set I'm thinking ATM

    Secret sword
    Kings shield
    Sword dance
    Shadow sneak

    I'm not sure what item I should use either. Any help would be great.

    Other pokemon I'm thinking on my team are trick room cresila

  2. Uralya *ponders everything*


    RE: Agislash help

    I'm assuming this is for VGC given the mention of Trick Room Cresselia. Aegislash is a very powerful threat under Trick Room, no doubt, because it's just slow enough to work. I'd imagine an Aegislash looking like this for a Trick Room team:

    Aegislash @ Life Orb
    Trait: Stance Change
    EVs: 248 HP / 248 Atk / 4 Def / 8 SDef (if at level 50, this is the spread you'd want iirc since EVs function differently at 100 vs 50)
    Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spe)
    - King's Shield
    - Iron Head
    - Sacred Sword
    - Shadow Claw / Shadow Sneak

    I don't really like SD in VGC, but that is also an option. This is just the set I think would be most effective.

    Good luck with your team. Aegislash is one special mon.

  3. MuhFugginMoose I'd Say Grass Knot!


    Regardless of trick Room, it's better to have a Brave nature, and as hard as it is now, you want the lowest speed possible. And the only reason for that, is if you ever get into that dreaded Aegislash v. Aegislash war. Your shadow sneak will land second, when they're already in blade form and have little to no defense. Other than that, no priority threatens you.
    So, with that, the set AoH posted is pretty much standard. But, I'd suggest SD and dual stab. It's resisted only by 8 out of 718 Pokemon.
    Most of them dark, and not something you want to stay in on anyways.

    This goes for VGC or regular standard play.
  4. If it's VGC, I wouldn't even bother with King's Shield or Swords Dance and do Iron Head / Shadow Claw / Sacred Sword / Head Smash with Brave, and I'd suggest White Herb as an item to cancel out Intimidate. VGC matches are usually less than 5 turns long, so don't bother setting up. Max HP and Atk EVs.

    If it's for singles, and Trick Room Cresselia is another teammate, go with Choice Band with Brave, max Atk and HP EVs and Iron Head / Shadow Claw / Sacred Sword / Shadow Sneak as the moves. Trick Room is too short to go with the Stance Dance strategy.
  5. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

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    Protect is staple in VGC. Throwing out King's Shield would be folly. You are given a better version of Protect when using Aegislash; use it.

    AoH's set is probably one of the best ideas you could have. I'm not sure what else Aegislash gets, but I feel Iron Head might not work as well - then again, this is the era of Fairies, so Iron Head may be a staple.

    I would agree to ditch Swords Dance, though, as you'll be switching out too much to get much use out of it. VGC is not very kind to set-up strategies. Though, if you are using Trick Room, using Shadow Sneak with Brave Aegislash would make you wide open in the mirror instead, so...
  6. Cortel II I am the Doom master
    Cortel II


    ok one more question, to get the move set, I level to 51 doublade for sacred sword, then use Dusk Stone, but how to I get kings Shield?
  7. Uralya *ponders everything*


    You need a Heart Scale. Go to the Move Reminder in Dendemille Town and relearn King's Shield as an Aegislash. Simple as that.

  8. iSharingan Competitive VG Tutor and Gizoid


    All 5 of the moves listed in AOH's set are available via move reminder. It doesn't matter when you evolve, as you can teach the missing moves later after robbing a few Luvdisc.

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