Ruling Ability-Based Switching Question

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by .N., Mar 12, 2018.

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    the switch limit is 1 per turn but if i use an abilitie such as zoroarks stand in to switch him in, will it still count as my 1 switch or can i still switch.

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    You are limited to the action of "Retreating" your Pokemon once per turn, but you can use any number of items, abilities, or other cards that switch your Pokemon in a turn.
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    I can confirm this, and add to this in slightly more detail. Retreating is not the same as your active Pokemon changing. Zoroarks Stand In ability switches it with your active Pokemon, but you are not performing the action of "retreating". So if that Zoroark uses its ability, then it can still retreat, which is a strategy that has used with the card in the past.
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    To add on top of this too is a card's ability changes your retreat to zero, like Silvally, that is retreating and will cost your your one for the turn.

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