Large Image of ‘Island Guardians-GX Premium Collection!’

We now have a large image of the “Island Guardians-GX Premium Collection” featuring Tapu Lele-GX!

As posted before, the box will cost $49.99 and come with…

  • 1 foil promo card featuring Tapu Lele-GX (an “A” alternate promo card)
  • 1 foil promo card featuring Tapu Fini-GX (an “A” alternate promo card)
  • A colorful playmat featuring all four Island Guardians (you can see it rolled up on the right side of the product image where Tapu Lele’s face is)
  • 8 Pokemon TCG booster packs
  • A bright metallic Tapu Lele coin
  • A foil oversize card featuring Tapu Lele-GX
  • A PTCGO code card

Tapu Lele-GX is an alternate art promo card, so it will only be legal for as long as the original Tapu Lele-GX from Guardians Rising. It seems TPCi is attempting to keep the legality of our cards in sync with Japan.

The collection will release in the U.S. and Europe on November 2nd.

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  1. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Sick mat. I love that this'll make Lele more accessible. And, it's not a complete money-waster.
  2. Chimecho3000 Aspiring Trainer


    Those better be placeholder booster packs....don't want 4 XY series packs please.
  3. GamePhoenix BOTW Addict


    I swear if they release this with that pack selection I will riot
    TheAquaPiplup and TatsuyaOrimuta like this.
  4. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    I wonder if there will be a collection like this for the other two Tapus.
  5. Chimecho3000 Aspiring Trainer


    Nah doubt it. They got their moment with the Island Guardians tins.
  6. theprp30 Aspiring Trainer


    This is definitely one of the better holiday box sets that they have come out with. Because even if you have dups of lele you can never have enough, your getting the latest card packs with Lost Thunder and the coin and mat should be pretty good.
  7. Newwaverap Aspiring Trainer


    If this ships with anything before Sun & Moon it will def be a shady move by the P.C.
  8. yay more evolutions filler packs

    cant wait to get the worst set in x/y

    yay gettin some useless expanded cards with my supa overpriced tapu lele box
  9. dmode15 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    OMG finally I can get a Tapu Fini without breaking the bank! lol
  10. Jenna573 Lurking in the background for 19 years!


    Has anyone figured out why they do this??? This is pretty common with electronics, too, including video games. Does Japan simply not understand how exchange rates work, or is it other factors like increased costs due to shipping and customs?