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‘Ultra Sun’ and ‘Ultra Moon’ Review Copies Out, Some Spoilers!

Review copies of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are out! Naturally, reviewers have posted info across social media.

It appears the games feature additional Ultra Beasts (or possibly Mythical Pokemon). One appears to be an evolution of UB Adhesive, which would make it the first evolving Ultra Beast outside Cosmog’s line. The TCG earlier implied there would be new Ultra Beasts, plus it makes sense some reveals would be saved for release.

Updates: New info since this post was initially made…

Pokemon Updates:

  • There are no new Alolan Pokemon.
  • Ultra Necrozma is Necrozma’s third “light” form, a Psychic/Dragon type, as seen above between Dawn Wings and Dusk Mane Necrozma. Its Attack and Special Attack stats are in the top 10 of all Pokemon and its base stat total is above Arceus.
  • #803 Poipole (UB Adhesive) evolves into #804 Naganadel via level-up with Dragon Pulse, changing from pure Poison to Poison/Dragon. Naganadel is a fast special attacker. Both are the Poison Pin Pokemon.
  • #805 Stakataka (UB Assembly) is the Rampart Pokemon. (“Stakataka” = “Stack” and “attacker.”)
  • #806 Blacephalon (UB Burst) is the Fireworks Pokemon. (“Blacephalon” = “Blast” and “cephalic,” a term for anything related to a head.)
  • #807 Zeraora is a new Mythical Pokemon. It’s pure Electric, speedy, and offensive. It has 600 BST.

Attack and Ability Updates:

  • Plasma Fists is a new attack. The user attacks with electrically charged fists. This move changes Normal-type moves to Electric-type moves. It’s probably Zeraora’s signature move.
  • Mimikyu’s new Z-Move is Let’s Snuggle Forever. It’s a physical Fairy move and does 190 damage. Mimikyu punches the target at full force.
  • The new Z-Crystals are Solganium Z, Lunalium Z, Ultranecrozium Z, Mimikium Z, Lycanium Z, and Kommonium Z.
  • Neuroforce is a new Ability that powers up moves that are super effective.

Story Spoilers and Other Info:

  • Team Rainbow Rocket wants to rule the different worlds by building an army of Ultra Beasts.
  • Hau is the Champion instead of Kukui.
  • The Elite Four members are Hala, Olivia, Acerola, and Molayne. The Kahunas are the same.
  • The trials are the same but there’s a new Fairy Trial for Mina and another unknown one.
  • Marowak, Araquanid, Togedemaru, and Ribombee are new Totem Pokemon.
  • You can get Surfing Pikachu in the game (or rather, a Pikachu that knows Surf) if you get the top rank at all four Surf Spots.
  • Ash appears in the coding, although his involvement/capacity in the final game is currently unknown.
  • There doesn’t appear to be a shiny lock on Pokemon available from the Ultra Wormholes, so you should be able to catch all the Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts as shiny Pokemon. Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, and the Tapus are still shiny locked.
  • Poipole is an in-game gift.

At the beginning of the games, you can directly leave your house and walk around instead of Professor Kukui talking to you endlessly (so less spoon-feeding by Gamefreak and improved story pacing). There’s a new patch of grass on Route 1 where you get your Starter Pokemon. The Ultra Recon Squad is involved early in the story. Lillie appears to be determined in the game’s first cut scenes versus frightful in the originals (implying a stronger personality). On the bridge where Nebby is trapped, Lillie heals your Pokemon and you also battle one of the Spearow trapping Nebby.

There’s been graphical, cinematic, color, and lighting changes, making the games look noticeably more polished than before.

The sprites and some of the updates above come from Twitter users @Demonslayerx8, @Kaphotics, and @SciresM.

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  1. EarthwormZim Aspiring Trainer


    Despite looking like a Digimon, Zeraora is still a MUCH better looking bipedal cat than Incineroar.
  2. Silvallié Aspiring Trainer


  3. supermattdab0ss Sylveon is da b0ss


    HYPE!!!!! So shiny hunting for diagla xerneas moltres....
  4. Lord o da rings


    Holy sh*t, wow. A few things:

    - I love Poipole, but its evolution, Naganadel (though still badass) doesn't beat out the cutie that is Poipole.
    - Ultra Necrozma is going to make VGC '18 hell. A BST higher than Arceus is ridiculous. It's still obviously going to have a huge story role.
    - Zeraora just looks weird. Nothing about it appeals to me. Maybe it'll grow on me, but right now I'm iffy on it.


    - I still love Team Rainbow Rocket. This story is going to be ridiculous, we have Team Skull, the Aether Foundation, the Ultra Recon Squad, and Team Rainbow Rocket (and with all the bosses no less). IT ALL COMES TOGETHER
    - So the riddler was also correct about Molayne. He seems to have been correct about everything except the Alolan form... oh well.
    - I love that they're shaking up the trials, and they're not carbon copying them from before. It looks like Kiawe, Lana, and Sophocles get new totems, where Mina gets one period. Also, they mention another unknown one. Does this mean we're getting another trial somewhere. Because now we have 1 on Melemele, 3 on Akala, 2 on Ula'ula, and 2 on Poni. Where is said new one?
    - Has being the champion this time, resembling Blue in RBY. IT ALL COMES TOGETHER
    - Ash appearing in the coding is concerning to say the least, the anime and games do not need to merge. Like at all.
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  5. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    No new Alalon form.. what a wasted potential..a couple new one would have been nice seeing this is an alternate dimension..
  6. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    Of what I've read, around the internet, this is only in relation to Ash's Pikachu or Pikachu in a Cap or whatever it's called. As far as I'm aware, no dialogue featuring Ash, nor a sprite of Ash has been found, so I think you're safe!

    Although I am sad that there's no new Alolan Formes (rip Alolan Bellossom ;-; ), I really am looking forward to playing! I love Poipole (the name reminds me of Meowth from the anime saying 'purple'), and I also like Naganadel! Ultra Necrozma looks really cool as well, and Stakataka (love the name) & Blacephalon looks good as well! The only one I'm iffy about is Zeraora, which imo, looks a bit too much like a furry character - no shade to anyone who consider themselves furries, but just not my cup of tea.
  7. zarc4d Aspiring Trainer


    I hope there the national dex on the game
  8. EarthwormZim Aspiring Trainer


    I hope the abysmal Festival Plaza has been canned for literally anything else.
  9. Lostlorn Forest Sinnoh is the best region
    Lostlorn Forest


    That's 40 dollars I can save for the holidays. Sorry but I already bought this game 12 months ago.
  10. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    RIP Alolan Oddish ;__;

    Side note: Nagendel is going to shake up the VGC 18 / Battle Spot Doubles meta, I know it. If it's the Pokemon that gets Neuroforce (which is totally possible), that's going to be intense. Surfing Alolan Raichu might also be interesting. Not to mention all the crazy new movesets!!
  11. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


    No new Alolan Forms
    No National Dex
  12. MegaSnorlax Card Eater


    I love UB Sticky and UB Stickyzard <3

    Also, I hope 'Zeraora' is a Japanese name and not the English name. That sounds way too similar to Zorua or Zoroark.
  13. Sharkrai Aspiring Trainer


    Yeah, I saw it mentioned above, but the code card from the I choose you movie states that there is an in game event, and you receive the special ash cap pikachu once you complete the event. I assume that Ash being in the coding refers to that in game event mentioned on the card?
  14. HouchinsDJ Aspiring Trainer


    No new Alolan forms is a bummer, but I love all of the confirmed information otherwise.

    Less spoon-feeding is the biggest plus for me. That was my biggest complaint about Sun and Moon's main story.

    All the new Ultra Beast look great and Zeraora looks interesting. Plasma Fists sounds like an awesome attack. Is Zeraora confirmed as catchable in the game yet, or will it be an event distribution? Might be too early to tell, but I feel like they'll hold it back like they did for Volcanion in XY.
  15. TokenDuelist YGO TCG is Cheaper. Fight me.


    Zeraora is one of the most Pokemon looking things I've seen. If anything it reminds me of GameFreak's Platformer game mascots.
  16. PlatinumDude Aspiring Trainer


    Naganadel has Beast Boost, just like all other Ultra Beasts. Ultra Necrozma is the one who has Neuroforce.
    OVERGRO likes this.
  17. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Yeah I realized that / read that later. Ah well. I think Nagandel will be able to use BB well too!
  18. Gruffling Aspiring Trainer


    If UB Adhesive has an evolution that means that means it wouldn't get a GX card, which means other Ultra Beasts could be getting "small cards" too.
  19. doubleb036 Jolteon GX Hopeful

    Advanced Member Member

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  20. PlatinumDude Aspiring Trainer


    Just imagine baby Guzzlord: it may be like Crimson Invasion Regigigas in that it's going to have ridiculous HP for a basic non-GX and a very expensive attack.